Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 14

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS 9,000 HERITAGE OPPORTUNITIES FOR TRADESPEOPLE NEW OPENINGS FOR FIT SHOW ‘19 VISITORS » » GLOUCESTERSHIRE- based Teal Products will be heading to the NEC in Birmingham with its full range of openers, actuators and both manual and electric window control systems. Designed for use in both residential and commercial applications, the Teal Products range allows installers to automate the operation of both windows and rooflights, and even create a smoke ventilation system. Sam Yiend, Director at Teal Products commented, “With the increasing demand for our window control systems from installers looking to increase the value of their projects and diversify in a competitive market, the timing is perfect to head to the NEC. “We also want to use the platform to answer those trepidations that some installers have which ultimately stop them from taking advantage of both this buoyant market and the consumer-led movement towards ‘Smart Homes’. In reality, it’s not as complex as they may believe.” This year, Teal Products has introduced a numbe و]œXH][\BXX]܈H[X\\X[[HYKZ[[܈܈L YYܙY\[\ XۙYHBZXܛ]Z[XX]܈BZ[\KX[\[ܙ[\H[܈ٛY[˜[]]X]X[[]XK0UTPTY\\H\H[ܙH[K ۜ\][ۈ\X\Xܛ[[8&\Œ͈[[[]]ܚ]Y\˜[ۙH[]\[\XHوBX\]]\[\\[™^[[[ܙX\HZ\][YBX[\[\[[”[\[H\˂H[ X\Y\[x&\œ[HوY[Y[[[H\]YB[]^\H\X]H\]YBY\]X[ٙ\[][BYH\X[\ܛX[K]H[Hو^\X][BY][ۘ[X]KH[\[B[]Z\Y[YHو\KBYHXHH[ۙY\‘Y]X [Z]\\ۈ܂ܞ\ۈ\˂]8&\ۙHوHܙX]\[[\X[Y[ۙ\š[ۜ\][ۈ\X\\^B[[Z\\\Hš[\ݙHH\ܛX[HوZ\YK[[\\[B[\ܝ[\]YHY\]XقH\K[H\\X܈][\[H\[Y[΂'ۜ\][ۈ\X\\[[[\܈\[\\]BX\وXZH[\[B\[H\[\\[Bۈ]]][X\Yۈ\^H\HY[][HH]\K]\]8&\H\[\KB\YZ[[܈H\HY\[Hۜ\][ۈۙK[\[Bٙ\\]H]][X]H8$B[\[ܚ]\XH܈\X[H[H\]YH][˸'B˜[\[Y\˘B˝X[X˘B\Y\ۙ\[HX\°0SԑHS L QTSQ]\YH[܈] LYB\Y\ۙ\[Hۈ H[K\[ۂ\[\\[Y\H[[›X\] [Y]\X\H\Y\XZ\[Y[]\Yx&\[\ X\][\X܈^H][ \][Y\™H\ []H]p܈ HY[[][ۈ\[[Z[][H[[[YY]\Yx&\Y[\H][]KY[H][^Y\[XHB\\ۙX]ܜ[YX]Bۜ[Y\YX ][XX[YXBۈ][YX[[\[^B[X[\[\[H\\Z\M0UQ N0PTHHHR Bۈ[ۙHݚYY[Yۈ^] HY\ۜX[ۈXۛ^H[]8&\š\[[[ݙ\Y[XH][YX[[][ۈ\[Y\ˈ[XH\HX^\UPSTH]HY\HYۈۈH\HوH؛[[Y\[ٝ\H[XH[[HY[ۙ\^H[[YH]\[\\˂^H][^Z[Έ8'H[^\[XZB\ۙ\[H۝[[XXH܈\Y\]و[ܛX][ۈ[YXK]8&\[BܙX]ܝ[]H܈\X[Y[\XXK[[\[\Y\›XZHH[وHX\] '