Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 10

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Data specialists head to The FIT Show CUSTOMER CONFERENCE GIVEN BIG THUMBS UP » » A CUSTOMER conference held by Listers Central has been hailed a huge success– thanks in no small part to the firm’s brand new dedicated online ordering software Easy Connect. The portal, which is exclusive to Listers trade partners, helps installers visualise with customers how their desired window, door or conservatory will look and perform. It also provides a quick and understandable method of quoting and ordering that speeds up the process. The prominent Stoke-based fabricator hosted the one-day event at the company’s state-of-the-art facilities in Fenton for customers to learn more about a number of exciting new products and explore the firm’s revamped showroom. More than 100 customers attended during the course of the day and some of the new products on show included Timeless, the authentic flush sash system from VEKA, [H[Z[[و[K\\&B[ [][[Z[][H[K[\[\\[[8&\”[\\X܋[Y[Y8'Y\HX\]H L[۝܈\\X[YYHZ[ݙ\BH[HҐ[‘ܛ\[H[X[ۈقH\و[\XX[\H[^HݚYY\]H\X]ܛH[]B\Y\[\[^][]\K'B[ۈHHX\وB^[[[Z][X^K[\H]BXX[\[Y]H\[[Y][H^X][]HU NK0HPSHSB\[][[HقX[\X\[]B][[Y]H\قXH\\\܈\]ܜ[ܜ[]HP˂YHܙY[\][ۜ‘\X܈[Y[8'HXYHP[\Z[[Hœ\H\ݙ[][ۂۛHX\]HX]H]\X[K΋˛\\˝ZX] ™X\KXۛX[\X\\ۛ[HX]X\HݚY\ X\›]H[ܛX][ۈۈݙ\ [X[\Y\[Y[œ\Y\]][][ܙY]][ˈH[ܛX][ۂ\\]Y[X[ ][YH[\[Z\H\X\X[BXXZ\ݙ\ MK [™]\H[۝ 'H\H\[Hܚ[›ۈH\و^][™][Y[][ۛH[ܙX\HH\X[]Y\ق[\X\][ݚYHB\\[Y\\Y\\B܈\[\\X\]]H[X[ۈوH\ق][][]X\\˸'B[[Y]K˝Z”QTԓRPԖBӕSQTUU‘PԖHSS°0PQSTS܈[\Z[[[\Yۙ\X[YX\\[[[\T[”\[\\YۚYX[H^[Y]›X[YX\[\][ۜ]H[[قH] L K XܞH[\[KB[\Y[وݙ\[HZ[[ۈ[\˜[Y\X]H]]ۙY\X\YXX[[[HYHۋH]K[ً]KX\]XܞH[B][\Y܈HX[ۈوܜYL0UQ N0PTHHHR BX[YX\[\X]H\T[”\[\^\Y[\XܙܛY[YH\[[X[H\XZ[\X[\[ݚY\YH\Y\[XZ[۝Xܜ˂]؜[HܙX]Y [Y[™[\Z[]\[X\XZ\H[\و[\\[X\\˜ܙX]YHTݙ\ L [H ]Y]YKSوT[”\[\[Y[Y8'x&\H[YYB[[\]X[ۈX[]H[\[B[ݚY[\Y\ܝ[]Y\ˈ\[\Y[[[\XH[H[][]B]H]HY[\و܈[ܙH[HXYB\HXZ[[[܈\\YB[[܈]X[\[ܘ[[Y\\[\Z[[Y]X[H[Z[[ڙX[HۜX[ۈوB[\[[H\YYHX\H[[\Y\˸'B˘\[˘