Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 91

10 REASONS WHY... INSTALLERS LOVE FITTING 1. One of the quickest uPVC systems to install Single leg glazing bead makes each Kömmerling frame much easier to install on site, letting you and your team complete fittings quickly while retaining quality to maximise profitability. 10. Every Frame goes through Vigorous Quality Checks CASEMENT WINDOWS FROM 2. 23% of all frames made within Europe use Kömmerling Choosing to add Kömmerling uPVC windows to your product range means joining an exclusive network of international installers that each believe in the quality of the brand. A whopping 23% of all window frames in Europe are Kömmerling, being a make people are familiar with and trust. 3. Available in 10 Woodgrain Finishes in 7 days from Flair Kömmerling has invested in an extensive range of convincing woodgrain foils and colour finishes to give every installer the ability to cater for every style and age property. From Irish Oak to Rosewood, Kömmerling uPVC windows can easily replace original timber frames. 4. KÖMMERLING HQ being within 5 miles of Flair Utilising a fully operational bar-coding system within our state of the art factory, each frame is scanned at each stage of production to ensure that any failures can be traced back and put right. Kommerling’s headquarters are based in Lichfield. This is where all of the UK`s stock is held. This means that Flair can offer further reliability and speedy turnaround times on all PVC items. 9. Tested for resistance under extreme conditions To ensure the very best protection and strength, all Kömmerling uPVC windows have been proven to perform in various kinds of extreme weather conditions. From testing frames for 15 years at 2,300 metres above sea level to strong UV exposure, heavy storms, and freezing temperatures, the system has been put through its paces, proven to be the best. 5. Extruded using Kömmerling’s lead-free uPVC Greenline compound The O70 Gold system has been designed to help preserve nature’s resources, created using recycled materials to form Kömmerling’s lead-free compound – Greenline. 8. Marketing Support for each product 7. Flair Manufacture their own glass Every single product carries it’s own materials. Flair offer a fully complimentary personalised marketing service for any of it’s customers. The reliability of having it’s one glass manufacturing facilities mean Flair can ensure that there will be no issues with glass deliveries with your frames. SAME DAY QUOTATION 0121 624 5001 6. 5 chambered internal profile for improved thermal performance Unlike the typical 3 chambered design found in most rival systems, Kömmerling’s uPVC windows make use of 2 more, meaning that heat can more easily be trapped to offer reduced U-values and improved energy efficiency.