Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 76

HARDWAREEXTRA NO-GO means NO-GO When Aubrey Dunford and his wife came downstairs one morning and couldn’t find his laptop, or her handbag, it quickly became apparent that an overnight burglary had taken place. With no broken windows or forced doors, however, it was a mystery how the intruder had got into the house. It was only when he went into the utility room that he realised the entire pane of glass had been removed from its frame and was propped against a wall outside. And, not only had the laptop and handbag been stolen – while the couple had been sleeping upstairs – but both cars had been taken too; one was later found down the road and one ‘wrapped around a lamp-post’ in London sometime later. » » WHAT SHOCKED AUBREY Dunford most however was when the Police came to the crime scene and remarked that this method of entry is a very common tactic used by burglars; but one that is seldom spoke about. Perhaps by highlighting the risk of windows with external beading being a possible point of entry for intruders, one is also advertising a method for would-be burglars to get in, Aubrey thought, but he also believed that there must be a way to secure glass into window frames without replacing the entire unit; and if there wasn’t, why not? Aubrey got in contact with ‘serial inventor’ David Murphy – one of the original ‘Window Doctors’ – and set about designing and developing the NO-GO; a device that could be retro-fitted to PVC-U or metal windows with external beading. And, while externally beaded windows are used less in new- builds than in the past, architects still prefer them in certain areas; such as coastal projects, which also offers an opportunity for the NO-GO to be factored into the initial security plans of new properties. While the product took some seven or eight years to bring to market; for all the relevant testing and certification to be acquired, the result has been a resounding success. For those that have heard about it. For, as it is never a wise idea to make wannabe criminals aware of how easy it is to get into someone’s home; the NO-GO is not something that can be advertised in the public domain. As a result, the device has so far been the reserve of window repairers, locksmiths, security specialists, and architects/ specifiers. For those that are aware of it, the NO-GO has become a very lucrative ‘add-on’ at replacement/repair jobs, as well as for security advisors that are hired to ‘troubleshoot’ homes and business premises. As the device is a ‘one size fits all’ product – in fact, Aubrey has never come across a PVC-U or metal window frame with external beading that it hasn’t worked on – installers can keep a supply in their van, without having to carry a full range of shapes/sizes or ordering them specifically for a job. There is the option of several different colours (to aesthetically complement different types of frames), but other than that there will be no difficult decisions to make when it comes to choosing the right NO-GO for the job. 76 » A PR 2019 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Installed in minutes, once fitted correctly, the NO-GO requires no future replacement or maintenance, so is very much a ‘fit and forget’ product. The pièce de résistance with the NO-GO however is quite possibly the bonder that is used to fix it to the window. And, it was actually the aspect that Aubrey comments they spent the most time on during the development phase. It is a little-known fact that usually glue deteriorates gradually in UV-light; not a great trait for a product that will be fitted to a window. The bonder used for the NO-GO actually improves through UV exposure, which means the longer it is on the window, the stronger it gets. From a very unpleasant experience for the Dunfords, almost a decade of design and development, and hundreds of fittings later; with all the features and benefits of the NO-GO, its true beauty really lies in its simplicity. This simple device, that is straightforward to fit, also offers an easy upsell for window repairers all over the UK and Ireland. For good quality, energy efficient PVC-U or metal windows, when the only issue is one of security from their external beading, a NO-GO is both an affordable and reassuring option for the customer, and a money- making fast fit for the installer, that keeps glass in the frame, and intruders out.