Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 70

HARDWAREEXTRA LETTER TO THE EDITOR Burglars using blow torches to gain entry through people’s front doors has made national news over the last week, with articles in the Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror. We have received many enquiries from concerned homeowners through social media channels about their safety. » » THE LATEST CRIME statistics also make for grim reading with robberies up 17% and the chances of being involved in a crime are now 1 in 5. The number of serving police officers has also fallen by over 20,000 in the last 8 years and so this latest means of forced entry is particularly alarming, as there are fewer policemen on the beat. Ultion is proven to withstand attacks from blowtorches. A blowtorch cannot come close to melting Ultion’s molybdenum core. In a recent test Ultion withstood the blowtorch attack and kept the door locked and fully secure, despite the door and handle being completely destroyed. The cylinders fitted by door manufacturers are being replaced by locksmiths en ‘Ultion is proven to withstand attacks from blowtorches. A blowtorch cannot come close to melting Ultion’s molybdenum core’ Nick Dutton, CEO, Brisant Secure masse with Ultion and in many cases they are offering the new security handle Lock Lock as the ultimate deterrent. Ultion and Lock Lock are the ‘must-sells’ for 2019. With security the number one key factor in new entrance door sales, top security locks and handles need to be fitted as standard. Yours sincerely Nick Dutton CEO Brisant Secure Do you have something to say? Email 70 » A PR 2019 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Hardware Heroes » » HAVING BEEN AT THE forefront of the fittings distribution industry since the 1950s, Carl F Groupco has built its reputation on service, technical expertise, and partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers. One of the hardware supplier’s most long-standing collaborations is with renowned German lock manufacturer, FUHR. The full range of FUHR hardware for doors and windows is available from Carl F Groupco; this includes multipoint locking systems for single and French doors including mechanical, motorised and automatic locking mechanisms, panic / emergency exit door locks, stable door hardware and tilt & turn window gearing. STRONG PARTNERSHIP Confirming the importance of the FUHR range in Carl F Groupco’s catalogue, Managing Director John Crittenden said: “The strength of our relationship, the comprehensive product portfolio and strong shared values focussing on quality products and a responsive service make FUHR an obvious choice as one of our Hardware Heroes. “We have a strong partnership with FUHR… we work extremely closely with input into product development and extensive training. Our depth of knowledge is such that we are positioned as lock industry experts in the UK hardware market. “We have grown with FUHR to increase our offer from standard mechanical locks to the fully motorised 881 multipoint lock.” SMARTSECURE The FUHR multitronic 881 is at the heart of Carl F Groupco’s pioneering SmartSecure electronic locking and access control brand. The electromechanical multipoint locking system with integrated panic function offers a high level of flexibility and top quality German manufacturing. The FUHR 881 complements all SmartSecure access control options including fingerprint, keypad and remote smart phone operation. The 881 can be fully integrated with alarms, building management systems and access control. SECURITY & SAFETY As well as being renowned for innovation, FUHR has a long history of providing quality products that meet stringent security requirements: the multisafe 856 Type 3 PAS 24 and Secured by Design lever operated door lock for single hinged and French residential doors is a firm favourite with Carl F Groupco’s customers. Safety issues are also addressed with an emergency exit and panic door hardware range for PVC, timber and aluminium profiles.