Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 69

HARDWAREEXTRA SECURE FROM THE SECOND THE DOOR IS SHUT » » THERE’S A NEW ADDITION TO THE much-loved Yale Lockmaster range at Window Ware – a new, versatile AutoEngage multi- point locking system that delivers class- leading security suitable for most composite door configurations including heritage or contemporary doors with either key or lever operated exit. Yale’s Lockmaster AutoEngage door lock leaves no grey area when it comes to security. As soon as the door is shut, multiple security latches are fired automatically from independent trigger points and achieve 20mm of engagement. That’s pretty formidable levels of protection and increased peace of mind for the homeowner without even having to lift the handle. Once shut, the door can then be fully secured by simply turning the key to engage the centre deadbolt and deadlock all the locking points. LIVING UP TO THE LOCKMASTER STANDARDS As far as security performance and long- lasting reliability goes, Yale’s AutoEngage comes with all the customary Lockmaster assurances. Tested to PAS 24: 2016 and Secured by Design certified, this multipoint lock offers effective crime protection. It’s also designed to be highly tolerant and deliver optimum seal compression to prevent gaps or bowing. Furthermore, AutoEngage locks are corrosion resistant to BS EN 1670:2008 Grade 4 (240 hours salt spray) and tested to 100,000 cycles with a 10-year mechanical guarantee, promising years of trouble-free operation. According to Window Ware’s Technical Manager, Robert Vaughan, “Yale Lockmaster ® of our is the go-to locking system for many door fabricators. With the arrival of this newest variant, we’re giving our customers more of the products they prefer and ensuring there’s a Yale lock solution for pretty much every door permutation.” LOCKMASTER FLEXIBLE AND FABRICATOR- FRIENDLY The engineers at Yale have designed the Lockmaster AutoEngage to be supremely flexible. The non-handed adaptable gearbox suits both left- and right-handed opening as well as key or lever operation to give maximum usage with minimal stockholding. There’s a classic variant with a centrally-located gearbox that suits most modern doors as well as a heritage option with a raised gearbox that’s perfectly suited to more traditional non-lever door styles commonly found on town houses and period properties. LOCKMASTER ® LOCKMASTER TS008:2015 Accredited TM TS008: 2015 Enhanced security and general requirements for letterplate assemblies and slide through boxes Yale Lockmaster AutoEngage 10 Year Mechanical Guarantee Delivering peace of mind from the world’s favourite lock company with GUARA AR NT YE our fantastic 10 year mechanical guarantee Secure from the second the door is shut. New multi-point lock for modern and traditional TS008:2015 Accredited 25 Year Surface Finish Guarantee door styles. Enhanced security and general requ All our products are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions TM 25 YEAR NT PAS 24 CUMENT DO PROVE D TM and attack slide tests through boxes our fantastic 10 year piece mechanical security performance and resist giving our customers of mind gu TS008: 2015 Document Compliant 10 Year Mechanical Guarantee 25 Year Surface Finish Now in Q stock! GUARA AR NT YE Q AP TS008:2015 Accredited 10 Year Mechanical Gu PAS24:2016 Compliant SBD Enhanced security and general requirements for l w Delivering peace of mind provide from the Proud to comply with PAS 24:2016, this standard ensures our products enh Approved 25 YEAR Compliant with Document Q; our windows and doors are from designed to withstand u Delivering peace of mind the designed world’s favouri SURFACE FINISH All our products are to wit GUARANTEE access and resist forceful attack methods with robust design and appropriate hard Y E our fantastic 10 year mechanical guarantee T with anti-corrosion coatings; ensuri AR GUARA AR NT YE 25 YEAR AR NT YE SURFACE FINISH GUARANTEE G UARA Available from and slide through boxes with anti-corrosion coatings; ensuring high performance all year round G UARA TS008: 2015 AR YE SURFACE FINISH GUARANTEE G UARA N PAS24:2016 Compliant 25 Year Surface Finish Guarant PAS Proud to comply to with PAS 24:2016, All our products are designed withstand all typ t 24 anti-corrosion security performance and resist atta with coatings; ensuring high perfor W : | T : 01234 242724 | E : PAS 24 Document Q Complia PAS24:2016 Compliant CUMENT DO Q Compliant Document Q; our w Proud to comply with PAS with 24:2016, this standard e access and attack me security performance and resist resist forceful attack tests giving AP PROVE D C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » A P R 2019 » 69 CUMENT DO Q AP PROVE D Document Q Compliant Compliant with Document Q; our windows and do access and resist forceful attack methods with rob