Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 62

OUTDOORLIVING Security with style » » A DRAMATIC GROWTH IN ONLINE sales combined with an increased awareness of the dangers of identity theft, has led to a surge in demand for secure, reliable post boxes. In addition to keeping mail secure and people off the property, mounting an external post box helps improve energy efficiency by eliminating a potential source of drafts. Reflected in the growing trend for coloured uPVC windows and doors, increasingly style- conscious customers care as much about the appearance of the outside of their property as the inside. To help installers make the most of this increased sales opportunity, Burg-Wächter is promoting Europe’s largest range of stylish post boxes. Available in a wide range of designs and choice of colours there’s a Burg-Wächter post box solution for every building. Stackable options meet the needs of apartment and office buildings, whilst the choice of either wall- mounted or free-standing models bring added flexibility to the range. Customer appeal is further enhanced by the variety of materials available, including stainless steel, high quality plastic and powder-coated galvanised steel. Style is no substitute for substance and the Burg-Wächter name is synonymous throughout the world with high quality, practical products. All Burg-Wächter post boxes conforming to the European standard EN 13724 assure superior performance, enhanced weather protection and greater resistance to attack. SURVEILLING SECURITY OPTIONS Video surveillance systems are an increasingly popular part of customers’ security plans, used as both a visual deterrent and for gathering vital evidence. Designed specifically for the self-install market, the BurgCam Wi-Fi range offers a choice of outdoor zoom, dome, bullet and indoor cameras, all providing the ability to record directly onto an SD card and use as standalone units. Super HD 2K resolution, face detection/video analytics and the option to pair up to 6 cameras with a network recorder makes the BURGcam Wi-Fi 62 » A PR 2019 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M range perfect for most home, small business and retail installations. The easy to use BURGcam app provides real-time a real-time monitoring feed on smartphones, tablets and PCs. It also allows pan, tilt and zoom control on the Zoom camera. Together with the configurable notifications and alerts facility, this video surveillance system lets customers keep an eye on their property whilst either out and about or relaxing in their garden. In addition to bringing unwanted attention to uninvited visitors, installing external lighting increases the time customers can use their outdoor space. SMART SOLUTIONS The latest Smart replacement euro-cylinder locking systems ensures the days of leaving keys in the door or locking them inside the house can be a thing of the past. Burg-Wächter’s ‘secuENTRY Easy’ combines keypad, biometric fingerprint reader and Bluetooth technologies into one easy to use system. The illuminated keypad provides IP65 weatherproof protection against dust and water, making it ideal for outside doors, whilst the power of Bluetooth allows the lock to be activated via the Burg- Wächter smartphone app. The central control unit with built-in sounder, wirelessly connects to up to 200 accessories including movement, contact, smoke, vibration and water sensors as well as external sirens and remote controls. A simple scan of a QR code on the accessory is all it takes to add each component to the system, whilst the app also offers the convenience of remote access and notifications. BOLTING ON ADDITIONAL SALES Encourage customers to protect their considerable investment by offering them a simple garden security kit. Whilst this may seem like a bit of a departure from core business, the simple combination of a marine or weatherproof padlock with a security cable or chain provides a number of convenient and effective security solutions; from allowing customers to leave their furniture locked together in the garden, and provides additional security for equipment stored in the shed or garage. For added peace of mind, a properly installed ground or wall anchor is ideal for keeping barbeques and patio heaters secure in place. Effective security is all about building in layers, and the first line of defence for many customers is the perimeter. A marine padlock also forms a great partnership with a weatherproof hasp and staples to keep garden gates, sheds and outdoor storage boxes locked. Alternatively a combination locking bolt avoids the risk of losing keys, and is ideal for using in a number of garden and outside areas; from stopping children entering gated areas such as ponds and pools, to securing the shed and outbuildings that have dangerous garden chemicals or valuable equipment in them.