Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 60

ALUMINIUM NOTHING CHEEKY ABOUT THIS INSTALLATION » » DIAGONALLY-SHAPED curtain walling leaning outward and without a singular regular pane of glass or panelling beyond the doors is just the sort of challenge that AluK relishes. This single storey installation, at the newly-opened Nandos restaurant and EE store on the Orbital Shopping Park in Swindon, enabled the specialist aluminium systems company to demonstrate both the versatility of its product range and its ability to create project solutions for clients. Installed by WD Group for main contractors RG Carter, the curtain walling was an integral part of architects Stride Treglown’s vision for the landmark structure, which also features a flying roof. The diagonal design and irregular angles meant that AluK had to create a solution with multiple transom and mullion sections which was cost effective, while still being true to the aesthetic and meeting the static considerations and performance requirements laid out. It features AluK’s SL52 flexible capped curtain walling system throughout, with an entrance door fabricated using the suited GT55TB door system. The biggest issue was designing out the drainage and connections, which AluK’s expert technical team successfully achieved by working alongside the architects in a 3D environment from an early stage. New window from aluminium + steel specialist » » NEW FROM SCHUECO UK, Britain’s leading specialist in aluminium and steel systems for the whole building envelope, is the AWS 75 PD.SI Panorama window. Aimed primarily at the residential market, the new window – with attractive flush appearance thanks to smooth internal profiles – is designed for the construction of ribbon windows and for use as an insert in a Schueco mullion/ transom façade system such as the Schueco FWS 35 PD. The Schueco AWS 75 PD.SI window features reduced internal and external face-widths – as low as 55 mm – for a whole new level of transparency, yet still achieving an excellent Uw value of 0.87 W/ m2K. This is in line with the company’s other Panorama systems that all offer the narrow face- widths that make possible large areas of clear glazing, but without any diminution of the insulation values that are essential for maximising energy performance. The Schueco AWS 75 PD.SI can accommodate vent sizes up to 2.5 m and glass weights up to 160 kg, and is watertight up to 600 Pa, and burglar resistant up to RC2. THE FUTURE OF FACADE INSTALLATION » » TIME ON SITE IS COSTLY, the provision of equipment, services and people all add up to a considerable cost. Add the non-productive time or loss of revenue for the client during the construction phase of his project, and we can see how important a tight programme is. So, anything which helps speed up the process would have a direct implication on build costs. 60 » A PR 2019 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Offsite construction technology continues to advance and, with modern techniques, both structure and finished envelope can be assembled in a matter of days rather than weeks. Exponents of this technology claim that build times can be reduced by up to thirty percent. This modular approach can include finished, fitted, weathertight windows and facades. Modularisation on this level works particularly well when there is a repeat in the structure or envelope, such as offices or apartment design. The recently completed, Plot 24 residential apartments at Royal Wharf, London, utilises a modular construction, consisting of a concrete, on-site assembled structure with brick faced facade panels which include fitted aluminium window systems from Aluprof. The precast system was designed, manufactured and installed by Byldis of the Netherlands.