Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 50

DOORS&WINDOWS LETTER TO THE EDITOR THE FUTURE IS LEAN » » THE PRINCIPLE OF streamlined production is simple – removing unnecessary processes makes it more efficient and cost- effective. In practice it has helped improve quality and make business as profitable as possible. But, the process of using galvanised steel to reinforce PVC-U profile is largely unchanged, and I believe that removing the need for separate reinforcement would be a next logical step in streamlining the manufacturing process. Deceuninck’s new 5000 composite window system incorporates patented Linktrusion™ technology with immensely-strong pultruded glass- fibre reinforcement embedded in the profile. The system includes optional, patented thermal reinforcement with embedded steel wires in a low-density, insulating foam core encased in recycled PVC-U for excellent U-values. Linktrusion™ technology is the first to remove the need for traditional steel reinforcement, which enabled the designers to create slim sightlines. Its great, inherent strength also allows specifiers to consider using very tall windows, and very large doors eg 1100 by 2500 for a single door. The windows are very strong and light and available in countless Decoroc and foiled colours as well as being 100% recyclable. Unlike steel reinforcement, the embedded Linktrusion™ reinforcement improves thermal performance rather than reducing it. Sincerely Chris Jones, Sales Director Deceuninck POPULAR ISOLATE FIRE DOOR RANGE EXPANDS » » FOLLOWING THE SUCCESSFUL launch of its new FD30 Isolate composite fire door, Apeer has announced that it is adding two more options to the range, a solid T&G style and a glazed version, both independently tested on both sides to BS EN 1634-1:2014. Apeer’s marketing manager, Linda Tomb, commented: “With the recent focus on fire door safety, we have worked extremely hard to ensure that all the doors in the new Isolate range exceed the latest, more rigorous industry standards. In addition to options for spyholes and letterboxes in the new styles, the doors also come with a 3-star cylinder for maximum security and a Pyroguard double glazed IGU for the glazed version. As with all its composite doors, Apeer can offer Isolate doors in a wide range of standard, premium and RAL colours, thanks to its impressive in-house, high-tech paint line, with customers able to specify and order the products quickly and easily via the company’s online Door Builder.” The latest doors to join the Isolate range are available to buy, and after high demand for its launch product, Apeer is already recommending new and existing customers to pre-order now. COMPOSITE CALL BACKS CLOSING IN ON PROFIT MARGINS » » A NEW POLL BY DOOR specialist Sliders UK has found that composite door call backs are among the key challenges facing installers. And, while sales were seen universally as a growth area, 78% of respondents said that they had encountered issues in reliability of supply in the last year, with composite door bowing, cited as a problem by the same figure. Steve Mines, Sales Director, Sliders UK said: “When we 50 » A PR 2019 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M spoke to installers we found that everyone saw composite doors as a growth area but there was a real frustration with reliability of supply and bowing. We were told that this had been a particular problem with the higher temperatures seen last summer, which had generated a large number of call-backs on composite door installations. Sliders UK’s Ultimate Composite Door has been designed to address this problem. Available in 23 classic and contemporary styles, it uses ‘intelligent timber inserts’, which meet requirements under PAS24 cut-through testing without impacting on the core structural stability of the slab, so the Ultimate Composite door has a maximum guaranteed bowing tolerance of just 3mm compared to the 8mm of some other systems.