Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 40

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS UNLOCK EXTRAORDINARY POTENTIAL » » LEICESTERSHIRE-BASED A14 Building Plastics has grown by 60% in the last five years and credits Virtu-AL the industry’s fastest growing aluminium effect entrance door – from Virtuoso Doors with bringing in dozens of enquiries from customers who want the contemporary, high-end look of an aluminium door, but without the price tag. Leigh Handley, senior manager at A14 Building Plastics, says: “We instantly took notice of the Virtu-AL door from Virtuoso because it is the only composite door on the market that comes in an aluminium frame. We’ve installed a number of Virtu-AL doors now and every customer has chosen the aluminium frame and ultra-modern pull bar handles because they suit the door perfectly. Grey is a popular choice but, because Virtu-AL can be sprayed in any RAL colour, we can offer many more shades. We’ve just installed a bright red door at a home in Leicestershire and it looks incredible. Our business has grown by 60% in the last five years and Virtu-AL will definitely help us sustain that growth. Game-changing products don’t come along that often, but this is definitely one of them!” With a stylish aluminium textured architectural appearance that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, Virtu-AL looks and feels nothing like a traditional composite door, yet it benefits from all the characteristics of one. It incorporates realistic detailing to replicate the appearance of an aluminium door and achieve a crisp, contemporary look for a fraction of the cost. A14 uses Virtuoso Doors’ online door designer software – Gateway – to design, build, quote and order doors. The user-friendly software can also be used by A14’s customers to design their new door online by choosing their door style, colour, glass and hardware. The company has also taken advantage of Virtuoso Doors’ marketing package, which includes a collection of brochures and one that’s dedicated entirely to Virtu-AL. The brochures have been designed to aid homeowner decision-making and capture the unique combination of craftsmanship and precision engineering that Virtuoso puts into creating every one of its doors. “The marketing support, especially the Virtu-AL brochure, really helps us to sell and we’re busy preparing quotes for lots of potential customers. And I really rate the Gateway online quoting and ordering system – it’s so quick and easy to use,” Leigh concludes. RENOWNED RANGE EXTENDED WITH EXCLUSIVE SEAL DEAL » » WINDOW WARE, THE AWARD- winning hardware distributor has become the exclusive supplier of the reXon range of sealing materials and adhesives. Designed to deliver high-performance at a competitive price, the new offering extends Window Ware’s range of silicones, sealants, fillers, and foams. The new supply partnership means UK door and window specialists now have access for the first time to a quality brand that’s already proven its worth for over 80 years in Europe. ‘high-performance at a competitive price’ Among the array of reXon new arrivals, customers will find neutral curing LMN and hi- grade silicones that will adhere to most surfaces without primer indoors and out. In addition to the ubiquitous white and clear finishes, Window Ware is actively stocking these silicones ready 40 » A PR 2019 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M for next-day delivery in several on-trend colours, saving trade customers from having to fall back on translucent sealant all the time. These include agate grey RAL 7038 (overtaking Chartwell green in the popularity stakes), cream and Irish oak in the reXon 111 hi-grade silicone. The reXon LMN 117 silicone is available in black, anthracite grey (still trending strongly) and a red-tone RAL 8017 brown – which is a great match for Rosewood. This is just a fraction of the standard coloured silicones available. If customers allow a few days extra lead-time, they can choose from metallics and multiple shades of blue, green, beige, brown, every tone of grey and more. If something totally unique is required, there’s even a silicone colour matching service available on larger orders. Continuing the product line-up, there’s also a neutral, odourless, mould-resistant white sanitary sealant perfectly suited to showers and bathrooms. Furthermore, there’s high-quality caulk, ready-mixed filler and grainy grey cement repair, plus handheld or gun-grade insulting foam and cleaner. Last but not least, is reXon’s super-strong white or crystal-clear polymer-based adhesive, which is so translucent, it’s virtually invisible when applied between two layers of glass or acrylic. Karl Williamson, Window Ware’s Business Development Manager for Repair and Installation comments: “reXon undoubtedly presents a fantastic range of products; quality manufactured under the EN ISO 9001 certification, carefully produced according to ISO 14001 to minimise damage to the environment and guaranteed to achieve expert results.”