Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 24

DIRECTOROFTHEMONTH But first, coffee Steve Bramhill from Wintech Testing & Certification is April’s Director of the Month. Here, he discusses how he’ll never forget the exact date of his first day at work (even if it’s 15 years ago), his best business tools and websites, ‘never ending emails’, and why some people think he’s not in the office because he keeps it so tidy… Name/job title: Steve Bramhill - Director When did you join (or start) the company? Friday October 3rd 2003, two days before my 40th Birthday Describe your working day... I have to drop off my daughter at school, so I am generally in the office from 0850, having listened to the Today programme on radio 4 on the way in or maybe 5 Live Breakfast if John Humphries is annoying me. Once at work, the first thing on the agenda is pulling together a to-do list for the day and catching up with colleagues to discuss any issues that may have developed through the morning; as many start at 8 or earlier. Coffee is the next order of the day before battling the e-mails that seem to be never ending. What is your workspace like? My office is a tidy place, I cannot work in a cluttered space; comments are often made as to whether I am actually in on certain days due to my office being so tidy. If I do have to work with drawings or paper files, the office is tidied prior to leaving, ready for the following day. ‘Everything went from being predominantly paper-based to computer-based, and now we have a system that all our office personnel can access and understand’ First thing you do when you get to your desk? Set down my cup of coffee, open up my laptop and respond to the emails that need my urgent attention. The rest of the day is spent liaising with customers, discussing marketing and sales activities arranging customer appointments and meetings and if time allows a quick catchup with fellow Directors to ensure the day to day activities of the business remain on track. What websites help you? LinkedIn used to be something that I found irritating, however since becoming responsible for the company’s marketing activities, I’ve realised what an asset it can be. I also think the new Wintech website is a valuable source of information for our customers. 24 » A PR 2019 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Most useful business tool? I think I’d be lost without my iPhone. I can check my emails, update LinkedIn, use the web, and use it for its primary purpose of calling people. Best business decision in your current role? I recommended and managed the implementation of our CRM system ACT, which has completely changed the way we run Wintech. Everything went from being predominantly paper-based to computer-based, and now we have a system that all our office personnel can access and understand. We can also integrate the systems data enabling it to provide important metrics for the decision making whether it be for marketing or strategic purposes. Favourite role models and why? In today’s fast-moving technological world, this might seem somewhat old fashioned but ever since reading about Douglas Bader as a child I find his story fascinating. He was a highly decorated pilot during the Battle of Britain and despite losing both his legs in an aeroplane crash in 1931, he still became an accomplished and inspirational pilot and a true ‘leader’ and went on to help take Britain to victory in its darkest yet finest hour. How do you unwind? I try and keep fit and mobile, I walk every day around a local lake near to where I live; it’s about 3.5 to 4 km depending on which route I decide to take and this helps me unwind and relax for the evening, it’s also very good ‘thinking time’. I also play walking football and despite its name you have to be surprisingly fast and agile, it’s like five-aside but a little slower paced and keeps my competitive edge alive.