Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 23

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS surveyed said that they were ‘often’ or ‘always’ asked if they were FENSA-registered, meant that public awareness became a core focus for our future promotional activity. “Our mission as an organisation is to make FENSA approved installers the first choice for homeowners; we can only do that if homeowners understand what a FENSA approved installer is. We also want to move the replacement of doors and windows further up the priority list for homeowners; we can only do that by helping homeowners understand what is required of a modern door or window, and why it is important to get old ones replaced. “Finally, we also want to help raise industry standards overall, and help protect homeowners from installers that don’t comply with building regulations or register with their local council; we can only do that if homeowners know that installers should comply with building regulations and register with the local council. This knowledge, in turn, will weed out the minority that are dragging down the industry standard.” To this end, FENSA set about a reinvigorated five-year business strategy. The team identified the improvements it needed to make to processes, systems, and overall structure, recruited more team members, INDUSTRYNEWS invested heavily in IT, upgraded the telephone system (to minimise dropped calls), and forged new partnerships to further help installers; such as Improveasy Finance. The main push was on customer service however; anything and everything, that would improve life – and business – for its approved installers. Recognising that TV helps a brand tell a story, educates and informs, gives a product or organisation gravitas, and reaches a wide and varied audience, FENSA believed that a television advert would be the best way to help the public understand the organisation better, and keep it in the forefront of their mind when replacing their doors and windows. The new advert is backed up by, where the Harry character has his own advice column for home improvements, and through this, the consumer can familiarise themselves with other aspects of FENSA’s work, with the attractive and easy-to-use website. On the face of things, the cute, cartoon advert may seem like a bit of fun, but its objectives run far deeper. Aiming to make almost 200 million TV impacts, the campaign will significantly increase homeowners to visit the FENSA website to find an improved installer, and significantly increase the number of homeowners asking for a FENSA certificate, through raised awareness in the scheme. The knock-on effect of this will be an increase of applications to become a FENSA approved installer, which collectively improves the reputation of fenestration, and an increase of jobs notified through the organisation. The main mission however is to increase the satisfaction of existing installers; securing them more work with homeowners, and taking the pressure off of them to explain the process, so they can get on with the job, and move onto the next one. Anda concludes: “The focus of our new strategy at FENSA is the installer, but the focus of the campaign is the homeowner. Only by marketing directly to homeowners, emphasising the benefits of using a FENSA installer, and the importance of the FENSA certificate they receive, will we create a ‘pull’ dynamic whereby homeowners will actively ask installers for a certificate and seek out an approved installer for their doors and windows, then recommend them to friends and family when they are making home improvements. The integrated campaign aims to make FENSA certificates part of the purchase decision from now on, and not just something that happens to arrive on the doormat after a fit.” C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » A P R 2019 » 23