Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 15

SEVENTHINGS... 6. YOUR FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT TO US: 4. BE AN INDIVIDUAL IN A RENOWNED NETWORK: Installers and locksmiths don’t have to worry about giving up their identity when they join the ERA Installer Scheme. The network has been designed to help them improve their own individual brands by being associated with ERA. From the get-go, independent businesses are actively encourage to retain their own brand identity – such as their profile page, where the installer will have full control over what information the customer reads about them. It will contain their company logo, any associated icons, text about the business and contact details. And, when it comes to uniform, installers will have the option to include their own brand with the ERA logo. ERA wants to promote a healthy mix of installers that all bring something different to the network, but with the backing of a global brand. For the customer this means using a local company, that supports their own community, while having the reassurance that the products, training, and service will be world-class. For the installer, it means that businesses of any size will now be able to buy directly from ERA, and installers at any part of the food chain will be able to affiliate themselves with one of the industry’s best known and well-respected security brands. Most importantly, where in the past, the ERA Approved Partner scheme was only available to MLA members, the new ERA Installer Scheme has opened up the window of opportunity to a much wider audience. A major part of the ERA Installer Scheme will be the collection and collation of feedback forms from customers at the end of every installation. ERA understands that reviews and recommendations are all-important in today’s ‘Go Compare’ culture, but also appreciates that, for installers, this essential after sales service is an extra to-do that not everyone can commit to, when it takes time away from the next paid job. For this reason, members of the ERA Installer Scheme will receive feedback forms with a freepost address that can be left with the customer, after a job, and that’s all you need to do. ERA will take care of the rest. Once the feedback form is sent back to ERA, the team will upload the ratings and any additional comments to the installer’s profile page, which will help to bolster your reputation in your chosen area. And, as you can set the parameters in which you wish to work, all of these reviews will soon build up to make sure you are the preferred installer within the locale you have picked. If, for any reason, the feedback form isn’t received after a certain time, ERA will also give the customer a gentle nudge on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about following up feedback or chasing paperwork, giving the installer chance to do what they should be doing; installing. 7. A CLEAR VIEW FOR LOCKSMITHS AND INSTALLERS: 6. HERE’S ANOTHER REASON Y: In February 2019 ERA announced the acquisition of Y-Cam, the smart security pioneer. And, as the UK has been cited as the fastest growing smart home market in Europe – with smart security products coming second only to connected entertainment products – when it comes to demand for these types of devices, members of the ERA Installer Scheme will now be able to add Y-Cam to their portfolio of products and expertise. The acquisition will make ERA one of the most advanced and capable providers of smart security solutions for the home. Y-Cam’s proprietary cloud platform, alongside its range of award-winning security cameras, alarms and sensors, will bring ERA unrivalled expertise in the sector and substantial potential for further growth. ERA has teamed up with Clearview Group – Clearview, PRO Installer, The Locksmith Journal – to bring you all the latest news and developments on the ERA Installer Scheme. The preferred choice of installers, locksmiths, security specialists, architects, specifiers, fenestration experts and more, these three magazines are leaders in their field for getting the right knowledge and advice into the right hands, and are very much used as a mouthpiece for global brands to inform, educate, and entertain the very best in the business. Throughout 2019, stay tuned to these titles for all the updates on the ERA Installer Scheme; as well as the latest industry news, expert comment, products and services from the world of security, doors and windows, construction, fire safety, and more. C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » A P R 2019 » 15