Clearview National April 2019 - Issue 209 - Page 10

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS £10,000 DONATION FOR COMMUNITY HUB » » ST PAUL’S CHURCH IN MORLEY, Leeds had been a thriving hub for the local community for many years, offering activities such as pre-school groups, play and stay groups, a children’s dance school, and a place for family celebrations. But the pre-fabricated structure of the church hall had come to the end of its life and needed to be demolished. Now, thanks to generous donations from local organisations including £10,000 from Morley Glass & Glazing, the church hall is being redeveloped and will soon be able to support activities for the local community once again. Ian Short, Managing Director of Morley Glass & Glazing says: “St Paul’s Church is a thriving centre of the local community, having been used as a storage and distribution centre for a Christmas toy appeal and offering free packed lunches during school holidays to underprivileged children. It’s doing some amazing work and will be able to support many more activities and groups once new facilities including new toilets, kitchen and café have been created. It’s going to be a fabulous resource for local people.” A breath of fresh air for glass manufacturers » » GARETH EYERS OF AZTEC Glass wants to know how you price up a job? Do you base it on raw materials, how much work you have on, how long it will take to make, whether or not you like the customer? Is it something else? Is it all of the above? So many questions need to be answered before you even offer an estimate, and with variables that need to be factored in changing every day, surely there’s an easier way… When designing the revolutionary new glass software Clarity Air, one of the most important things Gareth and his team at Aztec wanted to get right was the quote process. That’s why Beat-a-Quote is one of the most exciting pieces of the puzzle. With the ability to instantly reprice any quotation or work order, while showing potential profits or projected losses to the user, based on every single factor of the glass manufacturing process you could imagine, Beat-a-Quote will ensure you never lose a job based on price, or lose money based on an incorrectly estimated job ever again. And if it sounds simple, it’s because it is. Next day delivery cut off extended – for longer lighter days » » LONGER DAYS MEANS GETTING more done, especially now you can place orders with ERA right up to 5pm and still benefit from next day delivery. Understanding that customers need flexibility to function in today’s competitive market, ERA is committed to providing a delivery service that suits their needs and enables them to order the product they require at short notice. Tania Tams, Head of Marketing at ERA 10 » A PR 2019 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M said: “The Next Day Delivery Service with 5pm cut off is a great asset not only to our larger customers, but also to smaller businesses who rely on quick turnaround and avaialbility rather than hold larger stocks themselves.” Richard Eden, Head of Supply Chain, added: “This is a significant step change in operation to gear our warehousing teams and transport to deliver confidently on the cut off, but we have come together to make this a service our customers can depend on. It could, in turn lower the costs of inventory and storage for our customers given they can now get product from us at even shorter notice.”