Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 54

Outdoor Living If you can dream it, we can make it Roof Maker is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high performance rooflights, skylights and bifold doors. Clearview visited the company’s factory near Leicester for a tour to see the products first hand. » » WHEN ROOF MAKER FIRST STARTED out, it primarily sold direct to consumers who were undertaking home improvements and renovations. Products were designed using direct customer feedback, which led to the creation of some of the best looking and most durable products available. Roof Maker now also sells to trade and building companies, many referred to the company by their home-owning customers. This increase in trade sales has continued over the years and Roof Maker now has regular transactions with installers, fabricators and trade counters. It is a global company, employing 72 people, serving the UK, Europe, Australia, Dubai and beyond. Over the years, the company has built a customer care team which takes the time to explain everything, from the basics to the highly technical. The expert team is on hand to provide customers with all the impartial advice they need in order to choose the very best solution for their project. Paul Mildenstein, Chief Executive Officer, said: “For trade customers, the ability to get the product to site when it is needed is a basic requirement, as well as the guarantee that each unit will be quick and easy to install. The assurance that Roof Maker has a high-level of industry expertise and will deliver the correct product when it is needed is how this business has grown. “We continue to research into understanding more about our customers, who are generally very confident in selecting their own product whether via a specifier, architect or builder. We especially want to get feedback from installers and have a two-way conversation about what they may find difficult about installations. For example, I’ve never understood why different components of rooflights are delivered on different days. At Roof Maker, our aim is to have quality products that are delivered on the same days and installers can easily fit.” Paul believes that the strong trend of rooflights will continue with more inspirational developments in the future. He said: “There is not generally a huge choice of rooflights and skylights, and many people don’t know there is an alternative. There is a need to educate people about the options. Some are not even aware of the benefits of triple glazing. “Also, people are working more from home now and there is evidence that more natural light has health benefits. From an aesthetic point of view, there are all sorts of exciting things you can do with rooflights. We have worked on some great case studies, all of which are detailed on our website – one for example is a property in Devon, which has lots of rooflights installed next to each other creating a massive vista. If consumers can dream it, Roof Maker can manufacture a rooflight that will fit.” HAND-CRAFTED MANUFACTURING All Roof Maker products are hand- crafted in its own on-site factory. The two- acre manufacturing facility has a 30-metre automated glass manufacturing production line, capable of producing argon-filled glass units up to 3000mm x 1200mm in size. Roof Maker enjoys welcoming visitors to its showroom and factory, so they can see how exacting the standards are in creating the very best products, designed specifically to meet the needs of individual customers. 54 » A PR 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Sabahudin Medic, Head of Engineering and Quality, guided us around the factory. He explained: “People are continuing to stay put in their homes rather than moving, but they want more usable living space and natural light. Our products enable them to have that, especially in properties, for example, like a top floor London flat. They can also improve the value of their property.” Roof Maker’s LUXLITE roof window enables homeowners to get up to 49% more light than traditional roof windows, as well as more views, particularly in loft conversions. The products have been developed specifically to help maximise light flow and create dramatic improvements for otherwise dark or even previously unusable spaces. We saw in the factory the variety of Roof Maker’s award-winning range of rooflights. The company offers fixed flat rooflights, Slimline rooflights, pyramid rooflights, opening rooflights, walk-on rooflights and the spectacular new product, the O-Lite rooflight. This circular rooflight provides an eye-catching pool of daylight. Various glass options are also available, including Satinova (frosted glass), laminated glass for security and blue or bronze tinted glass. Sabahudin said: “Our Solar Control glass allows maximum natural daylight into homes, whilst reducing the harmful effect of ultraviolet and infrared rays. Our subtle blue-tint glass is a popular option for both rooflights and bi-fold doors, es