Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 52

Outdoor Living RISING DEMAND FOR ROOF LANTERN » » DEMAND FOR THE ATLAS roof lantern continues to soar with sales of the industry’s finest looking glazed roof lantern rising month on month. And now Atlas is helping even more installers to clinch an Atlas lantern sale with a special offer on its stock lantern range. Atlas offers four stock lanterns in its regular range in sizes up to 2000 x 4000mm and five stock lanterns in its contemporary range in sizes up to 1500 x 3000mm. Stock lanterns are available on a five-day turnaround and come in white, grey, black, grey on white, and black on white. Unmatched in the industry, the Atlas lantern features the slimmest bars, cleanest lines and uncluttered detailing, whilst delivering superior thermal performance. Its engineering excellence eliminates the need for bulky ridge detail, bosses and hoods to achieve the ultimate ‘MORE SKY LESS ROOF’. The lanterns feature all the signature internal and external aesthetics of an Atlas roof for a smart, contemporary look. The lantern is widely known as ‘the architect’s choice’ because it is so perfectly proportioned with the internal ridge, transom rafters and hips the same 40mm width. BESPOKE ROOFLIGHTS ENHANCE LONDON HOME » » LOCATED IN A WEST LONDON conservation area, the existing property required updating by remodelling the kitchen and dining room that suffered poor connection to the rear garden. North facing, these rooms received little daylight from the modest sized windows. It was a dark and dingy space. Architect Simon Feneley’s response at Feneley Studio, was to reconfigure the ground floor providing a utility and cloakroom off the entrance hall with a formal sitting room at the front of the property. A full height sliding pocket door reveals a newly extended family room with a panoramic view of the garden. The roof of the extension is asymmetrical about the axis from the front door, providing increased floor to ceiling height and avoiding a long continuous corridor. Custom made East and West facing rooflights by Lonsdale provide generous amounts of natural light and are a focal point of the extension with dramatic results as the sun moves from early morning until dusk. Ever changing forms of sunlight fall upon the polished concrete flooring which runs throughout the ground floor, with daylight washing down the full height herringbone wall tiling in the contemporary kitchen. Outdoor living specialists keep it simple for installers » » MILWOOD GROUP, THE UK’S leading manufacturer of aluminium verandas, canopies and carports, has introduced a brand- new addition to their offering. Designed to help both fabricators and installers break into the thriving outdoor living market, the Kent- based firm has launched Simplicity ظ)ͥݥѠٕͅѥ䁥)M؁ɽ٥́ͽѥѡЁ́եх)ȁձѥѥ̸Ѽх)مݥѠٵѽ՝̰ѡ)M؁ͥ䁅є)ՑЁȁɽи(ȃ AH 0IY$\U, <4)5ՙɕѡU,ͥѡд)Յ䁅յմM؁́م)ݥѠэݕȸԁȸԁɕ̰)ɽѥ́Ѽ̸ȁɕ̸Qѕ)ݡͼȁэѼI0)ȁѼЁյմͱ)̰䁱ѠѼɕєɅѥ)ͥȁͥ锁ɽ)EեѼхѡM)́չՕ䁝镐ɽչɹѠѼٽ)ѕѥݽɭЁиم)ɽ5ݽéɅ䵱ѕɅѥ)ɔ1ѕ͡ɔݥѠձ)啅ȁՅɅѕѡM؁́Ѽ)ѡЁͥ͡ѕȁͽѥȁѠ)Ʌյ̸)ܹݽɽ