Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 48

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS EXCLUSIVE INTEGRAL BLINDS » » MORLEY GLASS & GLAZING HAS enhanced its product offer with the introduction of a new slimline ScreenLine® integral blind system. SL16 is ideal for use in composite doors and vertical sliding windows due to its slimline 10mm slats, making it the first integrated blind system that is suitable for use in a 16mm cavity. The range includes the slider controlled SL16S Venetian, as well as the SL26C Venetian with cord control. Both are currently only available in the UK exclusively through Morley Glass & Glazing, and are available in white, beige and silver. They come complete with the additional features users have come to expect from the business, such as warm edge spacer bars as standard. Said Ian Short, Morley Glass & Glazing managing director: “In the past, integral blinds didn’t fit into anything thinner than a 28mm frame. “Today, though, there is much more of a demand from people with composite doors and vertical sliding windows, and this slimline product will be able to appeal to part of the market that has not previously been serviced by integral blinds.” Quality installation in Somerset » » BRISTOL’S SOMERGLAZE WINDOWS has just completed the installation of an impressive four-pane anthracite grey on white PatioMaster door on a home extension in Somerset. The project is a perfect example of the latest trends in sliding patios too. The homeowner opted for a four-pane sliding patio because it would give her the vast expanse of glass she was looking for as well as bigger sightlines and better uninterrupted views. What’s more, Somerglaze Windows was able to create the clean, contemporary and on-trend look specified by using anthracite grey, available as a stocked colour, on the exterior frame and white on the interior from the PatioMaster Palette colour collection. Somerglaze Windows specialises in the supply and fit of windows, doors, conservatories and porches in Gloucestershire, Avon, Somerset, South Wales and parts of Wiltshire. The installation of the sliding patio on this Somerset extension is a perfect demonstration of the PatioMaster ethos in action. A high- quality patio door manufactured by expert )ѡЁݥɽ٥ɕ䰁݅ɵѠ)͕ɥ䁙ȁ啅́ѼѡЁ́)х䁄ɕݹȁ)хɑ͕́٥)ܹѥѕȹլ)MeMQ5LQ-5I-P dMQ=I4+ Q! =9MIYQ=Id5I-P%L)Ʌ䁅ɥѽ́Ѽ)ɔѡeɔɥѡɽՍ́ѡЁх)Ѽєѡ܁͍)%ɕЁ啅́ѡɔ́͡)݅䁙ɽхɐݡє͕مѽɥ)ѼȁمՔ́ѡЁٕȁɕѕ)᥉Ѽݹ̸%ѥձȰ)Ʌ䁅Ʌ䵡ɥхѥ́ɔ)͕ɕɽѠ) 饹Ʌѡ́܁͍ɔ)ѡ1-=ɅIѡ1-)]ɴIQeɔхѡɭЁ)ѽɴ͔ѡ䁵Ёѡȁѡ)܁屔%ѡȁݽɑ̰ѡ䁝ٔ( AH 0IY$\U, <4)ɥѽ́݅Ѽɽ܁ѡȁͥ́)٥ѡȁхȁѽ́مՔѼ)ѡȁͅѼѡݹȸ)QeɔѼѼɥѥ͕)ݥѠѕаͼѡ䁅مՔѼ)ɥѽ́ե丁1-ͼɽ٥́ձ)ɭѥѕɅ)ͼɥѽ́Ёѡȁх)ѽ́Ѽ͕ɔɔ̸ͅ)M׊eɔɥѽȁѼɽ)ȁͥ́䁅مՔѼȁх)ѽϊd͕̰ͥ1-Mѕ́́ѡ)ݕȸ)ܹѕ̹