Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 46

DOORS&WINDOWS PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS Standards must be raised When is a Liniar window not a Liniar window? Sounds like the start of a joke, doesn’t it? But with potential for disaster if products aren’t fully tested and approved, it’s no laughing matter. » » ROGER HARTSHORN, GROUP CEO of the Flamstead Group and creator of the Liniar range of windows, doors and other fenestration products, explains what the company is doing to ensure products manufactured under its brand fully conform to high quality standards they were designed to exceed. “The double-glazing industry was tarnished back in the 1980s by companies using hard- sell techniques to persuade customers to part with their cash. Thankfully those days are long gone, and the industry has (mostly!) raised its standards when it comes to dubious sales methods. “The spotlight more recently has been firmly upon product quality, across the whole of the construction industry. High profile cases and social media sharing have combined to create an environment where standards simply have to be raised, for all the right reasons. QUALITY COMPONENTS “From a systems company perspective, we design and test all of our products with the highest quality components. Our fabricator customers are provided with thorough guidance, detailing how to manufacture each product in line with our fabrication manuals, and the vast majority of them manufacture excellent windows and doors. “Over time, however, we know that standards can slip. From a commercial perspective, if alternative components are 46 » A PR 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M