Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 42

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Hallmark adapts for the future Hallmark Panels is a leading manufacturer in PVCu panels, aluminum and GRP composite doors. It’s also a company with a proud heritage – in 2015 it celebrated 20 years of product and service delivery excellence. Clearview visited the business in Hull. » » WE MET UP WITH HALLMARK’S Marketing Assistant, Robert Gray, at the company’s premises. After an initial chat, we were given an eye-opening tour of the factory and the scale of Hallmark’s operation soon became apparent. Hallmark manufactures a variety of products, each designed to appeal to both a modern and contemporary market as well as the more traditional home. Their impressive product portfolio includes PVCu panels, composite doors, FD30 fire door, and aluminum vision panels along with a second- generation twin rebate door recently being rolled out. As if this wasn’t enough they are also due to launch a composite FD60 fire door in the very near future. “The factories are like going into the Tardis because of the sheer scale of the operation,” said Rob. “On analysing the company’s performance data, such as new customers, sales, every area is significantly up. This level of success is enabling us to further invest on top of the million pounds already spent on new machinery, staff and IT development.” ‘it became obvious very quickly that passion, commitment and a desire to achieve is ingrained in the company fabric’ The company, which employs around 100 staff, offers an unrivalled choice of door product type, style, colour and finish together with the latest decorative glass innovations and security features, allowing it to fulfil the ever- demanding needs and desires of design and environmentally conscious customers. Rob explained that with ‘visionary’ input from Lorraine Snell, Managing Director of Hallmark Group Products, the business is going through a period of change, clearly focusing on continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and ultimately achievement of the company’s future growth plans. 42 » A PR 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Bifold Central Morecambe Window Compa B]\][ۜ”؈ZY8'\HZ\H]Y[X\وBX[K]X[YH؝[\\H]ZXH]\[ۋ[Z]Y[[H\\HXY]B\[ܘZ[Y[H\[HXXˈ]\]HHY[\وY][]]H]]\[ۙH[XX[[H[][œ\H\[\ܝ\ 'B]\YK؈\۸&][[]B]X]^K]X\H\H\HYH\B^][[Y\ZXY܈[X\[]ۙ\H[]\H\Y\˂HZY8'H۸&][]X[]X]\[\H]HH][]YH[XK]\\H\H^][[Y\ZXY܈H\[KH\H]][H\\HوڙXݙ\H^[۝][[]]H[X\H^][ \[[[H\\Y\&H^\Y[HXY[]ZX\XY[Y\[[Yܙ\[[Z]]H[[ۘ[]H[[X[[ܙX\Y[\˸'