Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 4

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS FROMTHEEDITOR Hope your Easter was happy and that you didn’t overdo it on the chocolate. Still, we all need a treat now and again especially when we’re working hard. And there is lots of hard work going on in the industry right now. » » EASTER AND THE FEW WEEKS AFTER IS traditionally one of the busiest times for fabricators and installers. It’s the prime season for householders to really get into spring cleaning, home improvements and DIY. Skimming through this month’s magazine, the overall impression is that things are indeed warming up with lots of companies in an upbeat mood reporting growth. One is Customade Group which is on course to become a £200million business since it merged with Polyframe (page 10). Another is Conservatory Outlet Group which is reporting record sales since the start of the year, on the back of homeowners choosing to improve their current home rather than moving (page 12). On page 18, Morley Glass and Glazing are seeing 30% year-on-year growth, while Devon’s Fenster Fabrications (page 10) is experiencing rising demand for its aluminium glazing products. There are also some spring milestones to celebrate. FENSA is turning 16 this month and Morley Glass and Glazing has its 20th anniversary. Congratulations to both. Keeping going as a business for any length of time is something of an achievement these days, and on page 21 our ‘7 things you didn’t know about…’ takes a look at Sash UK, one of the longest established fabricators in the UK. On page 24, Adrian Barraclough of Quickslide reveals how he keeps up to the mark with early starts and walks with his beloved Labradors. And on page 47, another industry stalwart Roger Hartshorn, creator of the Liniar range of windows and doors, explains why it’s vital that we adhere to high quality standards. There’s the latest in door design trends with Senior Architectural Systems on page 30, and a stunning example of how glass enhanced an ‘urban village’ on page 83. We hear from the Ecobuild exhibition on page 26 and take a trip to Roof Maker’s Leicester factory on pages 54/55. We also have top tips for choosing energy efficient glass (page 56), one homeowner’s colourful experience of having a new conservatory built (page 58), and a look behind the scenes at Reynaers’ training centre in Birmi vf"gV7F&W2GW&FvRfVGW&r&Gv&RFVvVVvf"VWBW6RBvRcbfBWBvR&6FV7GW&V֖Vf&v2W62FFRV'2`FRfW26VƗ7BVƖBvV&&W"आVVVFF B +"# +4T%dRrT2Фv&Bf WG7FFr@FR50'&6B6V7W&RfR&V6RFRf'7@6FRvrBfVW7G&FখGW7G&W2F&V6VfRv&BBFPFW&Fǒ&V6v6VBWG7FFp6V7W&GW&f&6Rv&G252+ +DRDŐ6FW7FVBWG7FFr6V7W&GWVVBVf7GW&W 6FVv''&6Bv266VWBbƗ7Bb6W0FFfrWBFvWFW"7G&rv&BVG'fVGW&pFRVW&rVF@&WfWF'66&GV7G2FR52&R76&V@'6V7W&VB'FW6v6R6VbW&Frff6W b6V7W&VB'FW6vv0GVǒ&W76VBvFFPV6VVBB6VFVC( v^( BƖRF6w&GVFP'&6B6V7W&RF0WG7FFrv&B2FWfPV6ǒ6FVBFV6VfW02vVB&GV7BFW6v6vF6V7W&G&vB@FRfW'6&RbvBFWF( Ю( &GV7B6V7W&GFW6v@fF( 7FWfR7FWv'B4T`'&6B6V7W&Rv2WVǒ0VFW67F2vFFRv&@BFFVC( v^( &R&V@6V7W&VB'FW6vV&W"@6v&G27V62FR50&RBǒG&fV'W2g&Ц&GV7B6V7W&GFW6v@fFW'7V7FfR'W@6'FRfW'fVW2bFV FFfRFFW6vWB7&R( Чwwr'&6B6V7W&R6