Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 38

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS TAPE FOR MOST DEMANDING INSTALLATIONS » » BLACKBURN’S MCDERMOTT Windows has become the latest glazing business to begin using tremco illbruck’s TP650 Trio impregnated tape. The long-established family firm now uses tremco illbruck’s high-performance installation products on its most demanding installations, ensuring outstanding thermal efficiency, weather-resistance and all-round performance. TP650 Trio is a pre-compressed, multi-functional polyurethane tape that’s impregnated with flame-retardant resin. Designed for new-build and replacement installations, it’s quick and simple to apply, and is vapour-permeable while still offering driving rain resistance of up to 600 Pa. It’s fully compliant with BS8213-4:2016 CoP for the survey and installation of windows and external door sets, and the Glass and Glazing Federation’s Guide to Good Practice. McDermott Managing Director Stephen McDermott commented: “Our ethos is very clear – quality products are only worthwhile if you fit them properly. “A triple-A-rated, top-of-the-line window will not deliver the level of performance that the end-user expects if corners have been cut during the installation process. That’s why we like tremco illbruck’s TP650 Trio. It’s quick, easy, and extremely reliable - and it ensures that every door and window product we install fulfils its potential.” Contact tremco illbruck on 02476 855000 or visit A TRULY REVOLUTIONARY DOOR 2018 has already been a great start for Manchester- based windows and doors company, Force 8. The company that has manufactured windows and doors for over 25 years has added the \X]XY[H܂]]\Y^[[X[ۈو^\]Hܜ˂0USHTSPTU \H\Y[HY[X[܈\Yܜ[ܘH\Y[H\\[H[X]][[B\Yۈ]X[\\ۂH۝[\ܘ\H܋H\X]XY[H܈\H\و][]X]\\[ٙ]ܛݙK[\Y[\]Y[\H\YۋZ[\Y[\\HHܘH[YYHݙ\[\Yۈ\\˜\[Y[H[[Z[][H[[\[H\[YHX[H\Y™[[HH\\X[وHYKۙHوHX[][Y[HܘH\H[[Z[][H[[\]X]\\›ۈ[HXY[H\]Hܜ][Hو[[[Z[][H܈]HYY\X[[Y]وH\]H܋˙ܘN ZHPQ TSTSTQђST°0HTQSHPSӈTB^\Y[[[[ܙX\H[YH[]Z\Y\[[X[\H[Yܘ]Y]\HوHٚ[\[^[XY[ۙ]X]Z[X[]H[[H[˂]8&\[H\[H]8&\\ܝYHۙHقHۙ\X\][ܘ[[Y\[BX܋] MHY\[XY[\[BX[][ۜ\Y\\HXHXZBXX؈\HHYYوZ\\\[Y[ۙ\[Z[[Z\[Z\\X]H[ˈH[B[ܙ\[܈XZ[ٚ[\Xܛ[H\\ܝYHH [\XŒ0H N0PTHHHR B]X[]Hو^[XY[HܛHو ]X\KXܘ]]H[H[\]YH\]YHYXY [ۙ]H\H^[\X[ق ]X\H[Xܘ]]K][]][H\ ]\[ۙ]H]\ٚ[H[^[XY[Yܘ][ۋ]8&\ݚ[HH\X\[Y[\B\[H܈XX]ܜ[XZHBY\X\[\Y\X\[•XYH]HۛHY[ۈZ\\Y[H\^H]]HX][H[YZ\\[\[[[H\ۈB\Y[HX[ۋ&H\X\[Y[\B\[H܈XX]ܜ&B˜\Y[XX[ۋ˝Z