Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 30

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Opportunity knocks with the next generation of aluminium doors » » AS THE POPULARITY OF PATIO doors continues to rise, homeowners and trade professional alike are spoilt for choice with the different styles available. James Keeling-Heane, sales director from leading glazing solutions provider Senior Architectural Systems looks at the most popular door design trends and explains how the company’s ‘one stop shop’ service can help open up new business opportunities for its trade customers. Whether a new build development or an existing property in need of a little refurbishment, a common driver for the specification of patio doors is the desire to maximise the use of natural light and create stronger links between interior and exterior space. The challenge for the trade installer is to be able to deliver this to their customers in a way that works for their specific budget and the design of their individual property. As the term ‘patio door’ is often used to refer to a wide range of differing door types, being able to give informed advice to the homeowner is an important way to secure business and supporting our trade customers to be able to do this with confidence is a key part of our customer service. FULL RANGE OF SOLUTIONS There are several different door designs available but not all will be the best fit for the homeowner’s budget or space. At Senior, we have developed our product range to ensure that we have all the bases covered and that all \[[Z[][Hܜ\H[H\]XB]\ܝ[و[[Z[][H[[Y[\][H[H[HH[]\Y[][YXYX[H܈BY\XX\] SHSPHTQӔ[[ۛHۛۈ\[ܜ\B[\H[[Y[XH܈[HܜX[[܈] \H\X܈X[\\Y\]\]Z\H]ZX[X\HX\H\[H[\XH܈Y][ۘ[Y\H][\][ۈو[[Z[][BܜX\HXH[[H[ۜš[\[H[K\H[[Z]Y۝[\ܘ\H\Y\ˈH[H[YBٙ\YH[[Z[][H[[[\ݙHBوY\]HHX[\[Y[[ۜق\\Hو܋PUUQSKQH[\XH]Y[ۙ\˜[\XZ[\\HKY[܋X\[ۛۈ\H[Y[™܋HXZ[[[[܈\[B\]][X\HH[و\B\][H[Y\ܙX]HH[X]X™[[[HX[[\[]B]YHXK\[H[œY[܈[ٙ\HY][ۘ[[Y]وZ[ۙ[Y\ܝ\H^[\و^[][H[H[YB[HY ]X\\Yۈ܈YX\قXKYYH\][ۋ0H N0PTHHHR BSTQT•H[܈Y[ܜ\Y[][[\HH[ܙX\[\وY\X˜\Y\[[ܙX\HH[HقY[XH[Z\Y\]\\›]HY\]X]H[[[وXHHXH˜X[[]HH8&X&HوHKY[܋\Y\]]H[ۚY\X\\\Y[˜[]\H\X[\HZ]YY[ܜ˜[H]HY[HYۚYX[[ܙX\H[ܙ\™܈\TpQHܜ[HY \\B\Y[X[X\] \TpQHܜ˜\H]Z[XH\[[[HY[[Y[YB[ۜ[܈]Z[\Y\܈Y\Y]؜[[H\YۙY\8&]ܜ&B]^HYH[H[]]H[ݚYB[][Y\[\X[HX[\[[˂SPPHTԓPSB\[\ٙ\[\YH\Y\BXHو܈[\X^H[[\›ۈZ\ۈY[H]H[\YX][B[H][Y[و\[H[Tp[\][\XۛH™[ٙ\^\[ۘ[\X[[X\Xœ\ܛX[K]\H[HX\\Hܚ] x&]HXYH\H]\[[Z[][Bܜ\HX\HXX]H\[^\[[X\H[[[X\HY\ B\X[]KXZ[[[H[؝\X\]BX]\\ٙ\YH\[[Z[][Hܜ[™[\\ۙ]\H\Y\]\٘X[ۈ8$H^B[ܚ]H܈\[\YH]ܚ˂˜[[ܘ\]X\[ ˝Z\ٛܘ[