Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 28

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS TRADE IS EXCLUSIVELY RESIDENCE NEW PANORAMIC SLIDING DOOR HAS ADDITIONAL DESIGN BENEFITS » » LEADING SUSTAINABLE building envelope specialist Schueco UK has just launched a new version of its highly successful ASS 77 PD panoramic door system. Designated the Schueco ASE 67 PD, the new door provides the same minimal sightlines with an outer frame that remains concealed in the building structure, resulting in a huge panoramic area of clear glass. First, the door can now be configured in a variety of opening combinations utilising two, three or four leaves. Depending upon the specification and the level of insulation required. Using a simplified method of construction which makes it easier to manufacture, the Schueco ASE 67 PD door is available in two options with different outer frames. The slimmer of the two options, which has a 57 mm frame, is especially suitable for use in renovation projects; it offers a lower overall frame cost but without impacting on excellent levels of sound insulation (up to 46 dB). The deeper 90 mm option caters for even greater weather performance as it delivers water tightness to 600 Pa while maintaining the aesthetics and sound insulation of the 57 mm system. 28 » A PR 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M » » ESSEX-BASED WINDOW TECH Trade have ceased production of 400 standard PVCu window and door frames each week, to solely focus on the manufacture of The Residence Collection. Having been faced with dwindling single digit net margins, Bob Wallis, managing director of Window Tech Trade has made the decision to outsource standard PVCu frames and turn to The Residence Collection in order to position his business for the long-term, with the potential of strong double-digit net margins and growth. He said: “I believe the market for standard white windows is limited in terms of financial returns. For us it’s just not a sustainable business model as a manufacturer and so we’re fully focused on doubling our capacity of The Residence Collection to 150 frames per week.” With relatively low capital outlay costs for the doubling of capacity and the benefit of single length profile and 4-pack bead ordering, there isn’t the issue of having too much cash and space tied up in stock for companies such as Window Tech Trade. Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection commented: ”Window Tech Trade are a perfect example of the mid-sized fabricator looking to get out of the low margin mass market.” Reversible window coming soon » » LEADING PVCU SYSTEMS HOUSE Liniar is set to extend its innovative range even further with the introduction of a reversible window, which will offer a convenient, stylish and safe option for difficult-to-access locations. Ideal for high-rise projects, the moving pane rotates through a full 180° cycle, allowing the external glass of a Liniar reversible window to be safely cleaned from the inside of the property. The rotating mechanism keeps the moving pane from intruding into the inside of the room Designed from scratch by the same team of industry experts that created the rest of the range, Liniar’s brand new reversible window will be perfect for commercial applications - and with flat, chamfered lines, it offers a contemporary finish. With the inner sash flush on both the inside and the outside, and featuring one of the slimmest PVCu profile sightlines on the market. Utilising patented features such as Liniar’s co-extruded bubble gasket, thermal dam and glazing flipper ensure a draught-free installation with high thermal efficiency – and Liniar reversible windows also benefit from an easy fit, one-piece drip bar with concealed fixings to help protect the window from severe weather conditions.