Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 27

UKPAVILION Thanks for coming to see us at Fensterbau. If you didn’t make it, we’d love to help you to reach your full potential With first-class service, trusted technical expertise, reliable deliveries, and the widest choice of top-branded, high-quality door and window products, Window Ware is the perfect supply partner for fabricators. Door Hardware | Window Hardware | Factory Tools & Machinery Spares | Tools, Fixings & Consumables W | E | T | 01234 242724 Ultimate Rose The most authentic conservation timber alternative sash window Ultra slim profi le | Mechanical joints | Run-through horns | Foiled fi nish Deep bottom rail | ‘A’ rated thermal effi ciency | Traditional Brit 6FW6vࢳCB#3Bs#cSpwwr&6WfWr6V26VVBfV7FW&&Rg&FR#&#'rfV7FW&&RGfW'BFB22#SP6V'fWrBw&VBFRBfV7FW&&Rg&FRBv0fƖ&VBF&RrFR""'&G2TFPTfƖआDD3PWBf"gV&WfWrW"WBVFF2R%bRrR2 +"# +#p