Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 24

DIRECTOROFTHEMONTH Early Bird catches the Worm Adrian Barraclough of Quickslide chats about early starts, identifying needs, efficiency and those in the industry he admires the most. WHAT IS YOUR WORKSPACE LIKE? (TIDY/ORGANISED ETC) Although I’m not naturally a tidy person, I strive for it because it’s absolutely key to an efficient and safe working operation. I also instil the need for organisation into my businesses and surround myself with organised people. What my workspace always has though are tons of initiatives written down everywhere. I’m always looking for new ideas and things that impress me. NAME/JOB TITLE: Adrian Barraclough, Chairman, Quickslide WHEN DID YOU JOIN THE COMPANY? In about 2002, when Quickslide was still pretty small, I had a chance meeting with the then company owner. He was keen to pursue other interests, so I bought it as majority shareholder along with another Director. DESCRIBE YOUR WORKING DAY Well firstly there are no two similar days but each has some consistency. I wake early, maybe 5:45, and take my 2 gorgeous labs for a walk (when Matthew Glover – co founder of the FIT Show – and wife Jane haven’t got them because they often holiday at theirs, a mile or so away). The walk allows me to get into the day, I’ll receive (bang on 6am) a summary of the previous days financial report from early riser and Group Commercial Director Clare Weber, then when back and having breakfast I’ll contact various key people in the company in order to set objectives for the day. At the end of the day I’ll again catch up with staff to see what they’ve achieved. Again, to re-enforce that every day needs focus and purpose. 24 » A PR 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M FIRST THING YOU DO WHEN YOU GET TO YOUR DESK? Set objectives for the day. Too many people say, “read my 1,327 emails” and if that’s happening you’re doing something significantly wrong. I’ll ensure all health and safety checks are in order, all staff are in and have purpose, pre- empt any issues, no vehicles held up, stock in order, machines running well etc. I’ve always been focused on preventing issues rather than using excuses which don’t help anyone. WHAT WEBSITES HELP YOU? I don’t use them much, I prefer not to be too influenced by anything else. I will periodically check raw materials prices, property building statistics and such like to ensure I’m up to date with key information. MOST USEFUL BUSINESS TOOL? (SAT NAV/APPS ETC) Apps are invaluable these days. Our smart IT guys have built some amazing software that allows us to process key data internally. BEST BUSINESS DECISION IN YOUR CURRENT ROLE? I guess it’s a strange one but it’s to not pursue clients that are not right for us. Salesmen typically visit clients with the purpose of getting them to order. I don’t do this. Too often the fit isn’t right and they are better suited to another supplier. We now focus on identifying what the client needs then if we’re the right fit great, if not advise them who we think may be. That way we all end up with the right balance and the industry as a whole can push forwards. FAVOURITE ROLE MODELS AND WHY? How tough is this? I am hesitant to leave anyone out, but unlike many some of my role models are my drivers, fabricators and others that are in at 5:50 every morning through all weathers; without these grafters we wouldn’t have the executives. Of course on an Executive level Gary Morton [chairman of Boing Boing Group and founder of GM Fundraising] and Matthew Glover are people I look up to because they use the industry as a platform to contribute so much for many outside the Industry. Clare O’Hara [Managing Director of Epwin Window Systems] has demonstrated that the right attitude and determination can conquer all and it was great to see her rise and give Epwin some strong direction while driving a £100k+ initiative for Hope House. Now that’s impressive. On a personal side, David Leng [Group CEO of Customade Group] is a great strategist who gets things done and drives the industry forward with purpose. In fact every day and every action with him has a purpose. HOW DO YOU UNWIND? I’m fortunate that my work is my hobby so it’s never really work. Outside of business though I do have a 2 year old son, who obviously keeps me very busy and is an absolute bundle of fun.