Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 15

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS CHAIN ACTUATOR ACK5 OBITUARY Sole UK Agent INDUSTRYNEWS Improved & ahead of the competition long life great value UK best seller heavy duty gearing 5 year extended warranty Trevor Hopper » » ON FEBRUARY 2ND, 2018 Made for Trade received the sad news that after a very short illness our valued and well-respected Trade Sales Manager, Trevor Hopper had passed away. Known as one of the ‘good guys’ in the industry, Trevor carried himself in a positive and upbeat manner always willing to go the extra mile for his clients and employer. His sense of humour and enthusiastic approach to life made him very well thought of by all he came in to contact with. His career spanned many years, starting in engineering and a spell offshore in the oil and gas industry Trevor returned to Grimsby, his home town, looking for a change in direction which is when he chose the fenestration trade. Starting out as a canvasser he quickly progressed into direct domestic sales, this then led to him starting his own window & conservatory business. After enjoying 10 years of working for himself he decided to join a national timber and PVCU manufacturer supplying to the trade, this is where Trevor’s skills shone developing professional and robust relationships with installers and trade counters up and down the country, which led him to our door. Known to the Directors, Richard and Bradley Gaunt for his passionate &6G&Wf"v2FRFV6FFFPv6VB&RG'W7FVBFW6f'v&BFR6( 0fFfR&GV7BVWpvFFV"WF2BP6FVVBFFF2VFP&V6RRv&Rw&VFǐ֗76VB'FRGW7G'Bv2FVfFVǒRbBG&Wf"VfW2&V@2frB7W'FfPvfR6&ǖ6G&V@w&F6G&Vvv6FVRFFVFR7F&W2b0F&76RGfVGW&W2BVW2V'ƗfRFRvPvVBfRvFVBdTDT24U$U0&V6VFV@4R6G&W W6W"g&VFǐWW'6VFVB&6V6 WFbVFW07W&f6R"'W6VFV@05D4UBDDTĕdU%2R%bRrR2 +"# +P#"sCCSwwrfVB6V