Clearview National April 2018 - Issue 197 - Page 10

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Striding Ahead Customade Group has rounded off a historic year since it merged with Polyframe and is on course to double its scale to become a £200 million business. Near perfect delivery record » » CUSTOMERS OF Rapierstar, the leading fastener supplier to the door and window industry, are benefiting from its latest investment in logistics and supply chain technology as it reports a near perfect record in on time in full (OTIF) deliveries over the last 12 months. The company’s latest customer service data reveals that 99.4% of all orders last year were delivered OTIF and error free, when promised. This record high figure comes at a time when Rapierstar has increased its customer base to supply a market share of over three quarters of the UK and Irish window industry, and it has increased stockholding at its warehouse and distribution centre to over one billion screws. Rapierstar operates from a purpose-built head office and 100,000 sq. ft. bonded distribution centre near Congleton in Cheshire, with supporting sites in Belfast and Norwich ensuring smooth distribution to all parts of the British Isles. Its own branded products are designed and manufactured to exacting speed of insertion, strength of drill point and high plating standards, with quality assured through comprehensive testing at both its manufacturing plants and its ‘in-house’ R&D test facility at Congleton. » » NOW COMFORTABLY the biggest fabricator in the UK with revenues of more than £100 million, the group is poised for an era of rapid growth with new group chief executive David Leng driving its ambitious plans. David Leng, who was formerly Synseal Group’s chief executive officer, joined Customade Group in February. He is leading the next phase of development for the business, which has invested £2.5 million in site developments, machinery and IT in the last 12 months. A substantial investment programme of £2.5 million across several manufacturing sites has significantly increased Customade Group’s capabilities and doubled production output. Three of the group’s nine sites in Livingston, Gloucester and Norwich have recently expanded to cater for increased demand across both PVCu and aluminium. With additional capacity and unrivalled purchasing power, the group has welcomed more than 500 new customers on board. Customade Group is a collective of specialised companies with a combined product portfolio that is unmatched by any other fabricator in the industry. FORGING AHEAD WITH FACTORY EXPANSION » » AFTER 2018 SAW RISING DEMAND for its outstanding aluminium glazing products, Devon’s Fenster Fabrications has acquired a new building to expand its operation. Over the last 11 years, Fenster has gradually risen to become one of the South West’s leading aluminium suppliers, offering the full range of Smarts window and ܜ[ۙYB]ۈ[Z][K\]X[]HY[܋0W”YKH\ Yܛ[\HۛHܚ]ޙ[و[[\XܛHY[ۋ][YHوH[x&\[\XY\]X[[Y\X[][\[L0H N0PTHHHR B\YX\][X]\Yۈ]UYB[\ݙ[Y[ݙH[\YH \[[\\YۚYX[H\[]\X]K[[]YY]ۜ[Y\&H[ܙX\[˜\]]H܈Y Y[ YK\[[[Z[][B^[X˂X[Y[\X܈۞HZB[Y[Y8'\x&\X8$ۜ[Y\˜\HH[ܙH[X[[[^H\Y˜K[H[\ ؝\XHٙ\][\\H\]X[H\\[[ B\\\H[܋'XY]\[[X[ x&]HZ[HX\[ۈ^[\XX][ۈXK][\[ܙX\H[Y\[ݚY[\][^[[[][ۈ܈\]\Bܛ 'B˝[K\YK