Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 96

OUTDOORLIVING PROTECTING BALUSTRADE SAFETY STANDARDS » » BSI, THE BUSINESS standards company has launched a new Kitemark for Balustrades. The first organizations to achieve the BSI Kitemark™ for Protective Barrier Systems (Balustrades) are Delta Balustrades, Phoenix Balustrading Ltd part of Cooke Brothers and Q-Railing. Launched in December 2016, the scheme has been developed for manufacturers and importers of temporary and permanent balustrades to demonstrate that their products meet the appropriate British, European or international standard for quality, safety, performance and trust. This is the first scheme in the UK dedicated to ensuring balustrades are manufactured to the highest possible standard. Protective barrier systems are increasingly being used in and around modern buildings. Whilst they can have a huge visual impact, any new balustrade system must be designed to ensure that it is safe for use and that any potential installation errors are minimised. An unsafe balustrade system can be costly to organizations and potentially life threatening to the public. The BSI Kitemark for Balustrades provides reassurance that products have been manufactured to a consistently high standard. It also provides an incentive for installers of barriers to purchase complete systems from Kitemark suppliers, rather than a ‘mix and match’ assembly of unproven components. Andy Butterfield, Product Certification Director of Built Environment at BSI said: “With the increasing use of balustrades in the market place, it’s vital that these products are tested to ensure compliance and provide assurance to manufacturers, architects, and specifiers of new builds and refurbishments that products are manufactured to a high standard. “We’re really delighted to have been able to present Delta Balustrades, Phoenix Balustrading and Q-Railing with the first Kitemarks. This will help them to differentiate themselves from other organizations with non-assured products. The BSI Kitemark is recognised as a symbol of trust and we have a strong track record in promoting excellence when it comes to the safety and performance of products.” In order to achieve certification, organizations are required to be independently assessed whereby they will have to demonstrate that they adhere to the requirements of BS 6180:2011 Barriers in and about buildings Code of practice. Products also have to be manufactured within a ISO 9001: 2015 Qua ƗGvVVB77FV26G&V@f7F'Vf&VB࣓b +"#r +4T%dRrT2Ф%42VvvVBFP6W'f6W2bV6FVখFW&F&fFW"`FW7FrFFR67G'V7FখGW7G'F6WFR'@bFRFW&F&GV7@76W76VBFR6&&FvV&R&F'FW2F6&RFV"WFV6fRWW'F6P77W&6RBFW7Fp&W7V7FfVǒB2'Bb'&FW"'FW'6v6v6VR&F'FW2FWfV&GV7@FW7FrB6W'Ff6F6WF2f"FR67G'V7FখGW7G'( vRfR7G&pG&6&V6&@&FpW6VV6^( 7FWfRWv&GV7@vW"V6FV6C( vP&RfW'V6VBF6VRFRf'7@6W'Ff6F2&Vrv&FVBFVf7GW&W'2vfRv&V@vFV6FVf"FV"FW7Fp&WV&VVG2FVF&W7G&FW2V旂&W7G&Fr@&Ɩr6r&fRF@FWfRFWfVVB&W@VFr&GV7G2BFVFRFRB6&RFfRFVЦ6W'FfVBF2vFV'BVFV7FBWB2Vf7GW&W'0b&W7G&FW2vF&VVƗGBvWfV2b6fWGW 6&&FvF%4V2F@&WGvVVW2vR6ffW"FR7@Vff6VB&WFRF6W'Ff6F( Х7FWV&BfVFW"`FVF&W7G&FW26B( v^( &P6֗GFVBFV7W&rF@W"7W7FW.( 2&W7G&FW2&P6fRBgVǒ6ƖBvF&VwVF2'6WfrFP%4FV&f"&W7G&FW2v^( &R&RFvfRW"7W7FW'0FR77W&6RFBW"&GV7G0VWBFRvW7B6fWG@VƗG7FF&G2GW&rFPFW6vVf7GW&R@7FF( Ф''V6R'&G6rvVW&vW"B&Ɩr6B( &W7G&FRVVG2FFV6&RFvB( 2B6VVG2F&fFRFRWF7@6fWGvR&FRW'6VfW2FRVƗGB6fWGbW &GV7G2B6W'f6W2@6WfrFR%4FV&FV7G&FW2W"6֗FV@FF2( Ф6&2FRVƗG77W&6RvW"BV旀&W7G&Fr6B( V旀&W7G&Fr26֗GFV@FVƗG77W&6Rf"W 7W7FW'2vrFR%4FV&2'BbW"vpB6FV6֗FVBF&fFrW"7W7FW'2vF&GV7G2FB6F6gFV &WV&VVG2( Фf"&RFWF2V6Rf6BGG3wwr'6w&W6Vt"W"6W'f6W2&GV7B6W'Ff6FGW7G'6V7F"66VW267G'V7F&FV7FfRФ&'&W"77FV2