Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 89

CONSERVATORES RETAILER SCHEME ON THE UP FINISHING TOUCHES Lightweight Tiles Lightweight Tiles Our new and unique high performance textured-finish tile captures the subtle look and charm of low-profile traditional shingles. The exceptional durability eliminates the delaminating, lifting and general break-down caused by UV rays and high winds whilst enjoying the superior performance of stone-coated steel. Our lightweight tiles come in a choice of natural weathered tones to recreate the visual appeal of a clay tiled roof and carefully selected to match most traditional roofs. Supalite developed the Supalite Retailer Scheme in 2015 to support installers looking to Slate move into Premium the then very new field of solid roof installation. Black Ember Walnut Premium Slate Grey Red Brown a major part of the offering of our scheme Roof Vents is us setting up an infrastructure to get this approval for our installers. “We want to take the headaches away from Lighting Options them by having things in place which simply enables them to go out and sell without the worry of whether they can get approval. love with your conservatory again" “All of our systems "Fall our in LABC and JHAi approved which means that our installer can confidently sell to their customers knowing 01772 82 80 60 that the roofs meet all of the necessary regulations; and that in turn makes the process of getting approval that much easier. “The Supalite Scheme has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years, and as we have developed it further our market share has continued to grow. “We very much see ourselves as being among the market leaders in this field now, both by volume and by the way we support so The well-designed centre pivot allows the sash to be opened in a range of positions, thus increasing the amount of fresh air which can be drawn into the room. The sash can also be rotated through 180º and locked, allowing easy and safe cleaning of the outer pane to be carried out. Our Dekea windows have a much greater surface area when compared with similar sized windows made by other manufacturers. As a result they maximise the amount of natural light in a room. Roof Vents LED Downlights Halogen Downlights in ridge bulk head The SupaLite roof system provides a choice optional internal or external lightin Ʌѥ́ݡѕѡɥ)ձȁݱ䁥хѥЁݡݥѕ)͡Ѽэѡѕɥȁȁɽ́ݡ)5䁍ѽ͔́ѕɹ1éѼѕѼѡͽ)ɕѥɔѡЁ́Ѡչѥѡѥͥ)ѡٕ)UՔͽЁх)=Ʌ)!ݹ)Ʌ)ѕɥ)1ѥ=ѥ(ā ɅɬA]ѽMյЁ ȁ ɥAɕѽAHԀ()Q)(܀)ͅѕɽլ]ܹѕɽլ+ LQ!5I-P!L =9Q%9U)ѼٕMє́ɥ͕Ѽ)ɕɍѡ͍́ɽɕѠ)ѼɕѠ)1хȁЁݽɭ̰ѡ)ѡMєḾѼх)ɽ܁ɽ٥ѡݥѠ)ɭѥѕɅ͔յ)̸) Ёхͽɽ́́Ս)ѡɔ́ՍɔMѕٔ!)=Ʌѥ́ɕѽȁȁMєÍх)ѡѽ+qQMєḾͥѼ)́ݥѠɕɽͥх̰)ȁ́Ѽɽ٥ѡݥѠյ)ɭѥЁѼѡѼ)ɔɭЁ͡ɔ쁉Ёхͽɽ)́ͥ̃LݔٔѡЁٕ)ɽ́եɽɽم)ȁɥ̰ͱєɽ́ͥɕȁ́Ʌ䁅)丁]Ѡѡѥə̰́AɕմMє)ѡͽɅѕȁͱєЁѡͅѥɽ)əɵѡɽ՝مѥٔͥUɅͱє)AɕմMєݽeЁɕȁє)AɕմMєٕ́ԁѡݕȁѼٽѠѽɥ)хɸ屔=ȁͱѕ́ɔɕѕݥѠ)ձ́ЁɽɕͱєѼɔե̰ѕ)̸ٕ ȵѡɽ՝ͥUXхͅѥɔ+qх՗tɥ́ȁɅѥ̸) ɍ)1%!Q]%!PQ%1 =9MIYQ=IdI==L)QɅ͙ɴȁ ͕مѽ䁥ѼaeȁIչ1٥Md)ɽͥх́ѼЁѡɽՍ)Ѽɭи+qQɔ́݅́ɽȁɔх́Ѽ)ѡ͍ݔݕѡݥѠ)ɵ́Ѽȁѥ́ѡɽ՝Ёѡ)啅Ȼt)ܹѕɽ̹լ)M)QɅե)]ձ)Ѽՙɔ)́ѕ)䁹Ёɕɕ͕Ёѡ)Q!I=]Q AI=U P)%8=UH%9UMQId)MUA1%QQ%1I==MeMQ5L1QI=I%9Q!=11=]%9(|%ѕɕЁɕ5A|ѕQɥѽ(|5ՙɥM݅ɔQɅ|5ɭѥM(|ѽͥAM٥|ɥѽȁQɅ(ȀȀ)ͅѕɽլ)ܹѕɽլ) 0IX$\T, <4 @H܃