Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 76

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Bespoke glazed structures » » ROOFLIGHT SOLUTIONS’ new curtain-walling department is one of the country’s leading supplier, fabricator and installer of glass curtain walling, designing, manufacturing and installing glazing systems throughout the UK for refurbishment projects, alterations and new-builds. “Our curtain walling systems have been installed throughout the world in numerous building applications and in some of the most prestigious buildings,” explains Managing Director, Luis Evitt. This method of glazing allows for glass to be used in large uninterrupted areas, creating attractive facades and can be installed vertically, faceted, curved or angled to meet the client’s requirements. “This allows us to provide a bespoke solution to designers to create glazed structures in the appearance they desire, whilst still offering high standards of performance and functionality,” Luis continues. “Rooflight Solutions curtain walling is in a unique position in the market as we can manufacture and install systems from a variety of different manufacturers including Schuco and Senior Architectural Systems (SAS) to suit client’s requirements. “As a member of the RLS Group of Companies we are proud to have achieved internationally- recognised ISO standards in both quality management and the reduction of our impact on the environment,” he adds. Roof Light Solutions curtain walling is an established UK company in the West Midlands, which also manufactures and supplies contemporary rooflights and skylights, both nationwide and internationally, installed in many commercial and domestic buildings throughout the country. Luis says it is the company’s ability to respond to customer requests, regardless of size and specification of the order, and keeping costs low, which led to the company’s success. “As we manufacture everything ourselves, we can make our manufacturing process as efficient as possible and pass the resulting cost savings on to our customers. We will beat any price,” he says. “Our range of rooflights, skylights and atriums are all double or triple glazed, with U-values as low as 0.6. We also offer various glazing options from clear glass as standard to opaque or privacy glass and even bullet proof glass and gold leafing.” Earlier this year, the company opened a showroom in the centre of Wolverhampton. “The showroom allows contractors, architects, developers and home owners to see our products first hand. And customers can also visit our manufacturing facilities in Cambridge,” Luis concludes. First class defence on the front line » » A PROPERTY ON A NEW-BUILD development was subject to an attempted break-in recently, following an installation of 12 VEKA windows, a six pane bi-folding door and Matrix 70 residential door, supplied by trade fabricator The Glazerite UK Group Ltd and installed by GFT Frames Ltd. Glazerite’s Group Director Jason Thompson explains: “The failed burglars first attempted to enter the home by removing the handles on the bi-folding door, but were faced with the market-leading Ultion Cylinder and, unsurprisingly, fa VBFvVG'VF7ƖFW'27FfFRGF66FFP6VG&6FRVBBFWFV7G2f&6V@VG'B&R&fVBB&V6VFV@'6V7W&VB'FW6v4$BFRff6TƖ6Rfw666VR( Ćfr&VVFVfVFVB'FRVF7ƖFW"FR&fFrF"FRG'VFW'0FVfVBFFRG&s&W6FVFF"F&vWFrFRb֖FVBv70BV֖V&Vf&6VBVB6PvvW&RFVfVFVBfGFVBFf&6Psb +"#r +4T%dRrT2Ю( vRfR6fFV6PvV&FrFW6P&GV7G226RbFP&W7BFR&WN( VG'v2FRF&VvFR6r"`FRF"BFR42E2FB6v62W"7FF&B6F'2FBG2"BWBFVWB( vW&FRffW'2WFV6fR&vR`&GV7G26fW&VB'4$BFffW"6WFR6V7W&G6WFVƖRFW f'&6F'2vW&Rǒ6W'FFV2&P6fW&VBF2GFVFVB'&V֖ǐvƖvG2FR&VVfG2br6&V֗Vf"4$B&GV7G2FvfRV6R`֖BF27F6RFW&R2V6Rb֖@f"FRVvW"v2ǒ&VVFP&W'Gf"6F2B6V6R`֖Bf"FRVv&W'2v&Rf'GVFPVVvFfRFR6RdT&GV7G0Vf7GW&VB'vW&FRB7FVB'teBg&W2FB&FV7FrFV"W2( ФW2F&V7F"BteBg&W2F@FFVC( vR6gFVvWB&R67WVBvFFRW7FWF2&VVfG2b&W6rvFw0BF'2Bf&vWB&WBFR6fWG@6V7W&GfVGW&W2vWfW"vFdTvFw2f'&6FVB'vW&FRFR6V7W&GfVGW&W2&R6'&FVBGW&rFRFW6v@FWfVVB7FvR6vRfR6fFV6RvV&FrFW6R&GV7G226RbFR&W7@FR&WBBF7rFR4$Bv( ЧwwrvgFg&W6FB6VwwrvW&FWvFw26V