Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 67

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS High quality, Sash Windows Super-slim authentic aluminium sash window » » WITH A 36MM SUPER slim meeting rail and choice of 43mm or 90mm deep bottom rail, Alumatherm gets you closer to the authentic look preferred by customers and local planners alike. “Our Alumatherm window has many patented features making it Alumatherm Windows Ltd’s most advanced window yet. A retractable parting bead, thought to be the first in the UK, replicates the original box sash window look, giving both form and function, and a high gloss acrylic decorative horn is also available,” explains Emma Phillips, Sales and Marketing Manager. AUTHENTIC DETAIL External sash profiles all have a putty line detail, replicating the 45 degree chamfer found externally on traditional wood sash windows. Clever profile design and bonded glass to the sash gives incredible strength, and within the meeting rail is a radical box and ‘T’ design resisting deflection or bow. EXPERIENCED DESIGN Alumatherm Windows Ltd is an established family run business located in Market Deeping, near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire and the Alumatherm design is a culmination of over 55 years’ experience in aluminium sash windows and continuous research and ][Y[ TԓPSBӑUUB'[[Z[][H\[XݙB\X]\X[\]\XZ[[[BYK[Kۙ[\X[BYXY[ [\[[X]\B[\H[]\B\ܛZ[]\H^K][Y\MHYX\X\H\[Y[Z\ܚY[[\Yۈ[][]HقHX 8'H^\[[XK'H\]HHH[\ XܞH[ [ݙ\ MBYX\وY[\HXۚ\Y\H\XX[\X[YX\\و\X[Y[XH[˜\[8'HHY˂THPQPUSӂ[[X]\H\\H˜\Y\XYX][ۈ[\\›و^K\܈\\KB^\]HۘX[Y[[Hݙ\›YX[H[[[\\B[^HYH\\XKHXۙ\H[Y]\BYX[ۈ[[HZ\[[][ۋ\\[]HHX[]B[[\܈X[[B]YHXK\X܈\]YH[ۜ\][ۈ\X\[YX[܈[\]Z[[Y\X[ڙX\HY\[X[\[›[YHH]˂ M M BBB M L͌BBN[\X\Y]ܛ\ ˝ZB˘X\Y]ܛ\ ˝ZŒ͛[H[H[K[[BYY][Z[H\]ܚY[[&]H[x&H[[“[ۘ[Xܘ]]Hܛ B][YY][ۘ[\[XY]XXJH H][YYX[܈\]YB[ۜ\][ۈ\X\XHو [H܂Y][ۘ[LY\HZ[[\X[\]Y[\]\H YX\X\[YH\H^][]Z[XB^\]HۘX[Y[[Hݙ\X[Y[] ][Œ LMM B[]HSNLL܈[H[X\KU[X[X]\B][\[[ݘ[[ M M ‘܈[ܙB[ܛX][ۂ˘X\Y]ܛ\ ˝Z‘N[\X\Y]ܛ\ ˝Z‘ M L͌”\وHX\Y]ܛT[B[[X]\UR“ܚY[[X\KU[\X[YX\\[H NMNBLN MHHHHUH H0H M0