Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 6

INDUSTRYNEWS Stunning new website Free advice and technical information in new product guide From locks and latches to handles and hinges, the new HOPPE catalogue has a variety of hardware solutions to meet your door and window needs. » » THE CATALOGUE FEATURES 1697 product lines including HOPPE’s recently relaunched panic and emergency door hardware. As always, products are not all that HOPPE if offering you. The catalogue provides buying advice and information on all of the relevant standards. It also outlines the product benefits and basic technical information, including test data and installation advice – making it easy for anyone buying or specifying hardware to pick the best product whilst being compliant with legislation. Andy Matthews head of sales for HOPPE (UK), said: “We’re proud to showcase all our product ranges and share our technical knowledge with our customers. We’re always on hand to give any specification advice and answer any queries because we w [\\Y\Y[ۙY[X]HXX\^H\HXZ[˸'B[H[ܙ\[\YHH^HB۝X[Hۈ NL  ܂K[XZ[[[˝ZKB0H M0PTHHHR B0QTHSQSSQPTUY]X]ۙ\\[ܛ ZX\\X\YٛY^\قXZ\]H][YH[[]X]KYX[Z\\\XX[[X][ۜ܈B[۝[YX\ZXY &X][H[YY8&BH]]H\\وXZ\&\œ[HوٛY8$X]]H[YH\B\X\][\ۙBوHR&\XY[ق[\Y\\]ܜ˜[YHوXZ\&\™^[]HX[X[ۈ[\ [][\][ۈB[Y\\\HYY\˂'x&\HX][B[YY]\]X]K8'B[Y[][Z[[Z[وXZ\Sˈ8'ۛH\]™[\X]8&\X\H\H[]Y]K[\\][H[ؚ[K[[Z\Y x&[BۙY[]]8&[ݙH[^[[^Hق[][X][\[Z]Y[]X[]K[XX[]H[[ݘ][ۈ[[\˜[[\\˸'BBH\ܘYYX]B\\H]\[H\Y\و]™][Y[]\ B[ݚ[وXZ\[]0BX]Z\][ۈH]]B\]Z]Hܛ\^]B\\]H\YX\[X][\ܛ\]œYHHY][ۘ[H]Z[ BX[\[\[YۚYX[H^[]œ\[H[HYHX܋܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ\]B˜ً[XZ\˝ZQTSUT0SVԔTš[ܙX\Y]\]H܈[܂[[X[ۈ\X]H]H[ݙB]X\\[Z\\[[[ۋ[XY\\KܛY\H\YYHH\’[\][ۘ[ HX[\[[Y\[˜\[KH] K H]H[[[^ܜ&HX[YX\[\][ۜ[\ۙHً'\]H]\\[HقXK[X[\\\[\ݙH\X[ۈYXY[H[^[\\Y\ٙ\[8'H^\^Yۈ][K[\\X܋']Hܛ\8&\X[H]B[\YYۚYX[H[]\ۛ[ [[\]Z\Y[][[ZHB\[\]][وܛ[8$\\[\ܝ[KH[]\H\XH\\Y\^X[\\K'BH]Z[[\\H\KXZ[ܛH\[H]\Y][ۜH[^ܜ[K[\Y[[YYH]X[H][HX[\وXX[\H\[\HXۙ^B[\ۜHHܛ[[܂\Yܜ˂\\ܙX]Y[ܙH^XHX[ۂ\X]H]]X\XX[\Y][Y\\XX[\ܙX][H\\ۜHX\][\[X\ۘ[\[[[X[ ˜[^ܜ[[˘˝Z