Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 57

PROUD TO SPONSOR CLEARVIEW’S FIT SHOW PREVIEW FIT SHOW 2017 STAND C58 NEW PREMISES ARE FIT FOR EXPANSION Visit Teal Products on its stand at Fit Show in May to find out how the rapid expansion of the business over the last few years has resulted in a move to new larger premises in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. » » Teal Products is a distributor of manual teleflex and electric window opening systems from leading manufacturers across Europe and has invested in new premises to further expand the business. A larger warehouse space has enabled Teal Products to increase stock holding, which will ensure Teal Products continue to meet growing demand for their products. A new multi-purpose meeting and training room has been created within the unit and new aluminium windows were installed throughout by Clearway Doors & Windows Ltd using the Sapa Dualframe 75 system. Clearway Doors & Windows specialise in the manufacture and installation of aluminium window, door and curtain wall systems. Jeremy Phillips (Clearway MD) commented, “We were only too pleased to support Teal Products with its development and we wish them well for the future.” Sam Yiend, Sales Director at Teal, said, “We wanted our new meeting room to showcase our window control products, so the first thing we needed were windows to fit our products onto. We contacted Clearway as we have a great relationship with them and they did an excellent job. “As we have grown, our range of products has expanded. The systems we supply have become more technical and this has increased our customer’s need for product training. We have fitted sample systems from each of our product ranges (Manual, Natural and Smoke) to provide our customers with hands-on training to further thei ȁɽՍ)ݱݔѼɽЁȁ)Ʌ͕ͥ́ɽɥtՑ)M)ܹѕɽՍ̹$$$)ܹ݅命ͅݥ̹լ)%P=HQ!UQUI)]ѕQѥ ѥѥݥ)ᡥѥЁѡ́啅ˊé%PMܸ+ Q́啅ˊé͡܁͕́ЁѼ)ѡЁЁݡɔݔݥ)ݕ܁ѥ)ѽ́Ѽȁх=)ЁѕݥѼ)хԁѡɽ՝ٕѡɽ)ɽՍЁѥѥѼݕѡ)ѕѥ)ЁѡЁܰ͡ݔչ)ȁ]5ɬMɥ) ѥѥḾݡ)ٔ՝Ս)ѡɽ՝Ёѡ丁Q)啅ȁݔݥչɅ)܁ѥѥɥѼ)Ёȁѥݥ)ȁ͍́ݗe)չȁЁѥѥ)ٕȸ]݅ɐѼ͕)ԁѡɔ)ܹݥѕѕѥ)QY-U,ɽ) ٥ͥЁ́ЁQ!%PM!=\)Mх)QY-U,ɽ()Q)=)ܹٕլ)AHȀĀ܀Ԁ