Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 48

PROUD TO SPONSOR CLEARVIEW’S FIT SHOW PREVIEW FIT SHOW 2017 STAND C58 TWO’S A CHARM » » Ticking off another month of 2017 means it’s time for a new FIT Show Installation of the Year winner… or does it? While yes there is a winner’s announcement but it’s not new. Taking home the prize for the second month running, congratulations is in order for Atlas Roof Solutions Approved Installer QKS Home Improvement. CAB’s Adrian Toon, the competition’s judge, said of QKS’ entry: “Not only is the design excellent, the pictures have been taken on a sunny day and the photographer has an ‘eye’ for what he wants to achieve as an image. Verticals are well defined and when they aren’t the perspective is well balanced. The project shows how to extend a property with a ‘garden room’ - which is in keeping with the original structure.” Once again earning themselves bragging rights for the month, QKS have won themselves another FIT Show goodie bag and a second pair of tickets to the show’s popular gala dinner on 24th May. Already shortlisted as one of the monthly winners in with a chance at being crowned overall Installation of the Year winner, they will find out if they’ve won when the winner is announced at the FIT Show gala dinner. DON’T COMPROMISE ON YOUR GLAZED ROOF » » ‘Don’t compromise’ will be the message radiating from Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions’ stand (N20) at this year’s FIT Show. Visitors to the stand will be treated to an impressive array of ‘no compromise’ glazed roofing products which Atlas customers unanimously describe as “the best looking in the market”. The Atlas team will be on hand to show visitors the clean, minimalistic range of Atlas products and explain why they shouldn’t accept anything less when choosing their glazed roof or rooflight. ‘a rare birds- eye view’ Claire Miller, marketing manager at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, explains: “The glazed roofing market is growing rapidly and there are lots of systems out there. The Atlas roof system is still however the best on the market, delivering the ultimate appearance of ‘more sky, less roof’. We’ll be showing our visitors that it is the strongest, best looking and most thermally efficient roof available and we’ll be telling them why they should accept no imitations. “We’re inviting customers to come and have a bit of fun with us” added Claire. “I can’t reveal any details yet, but I can say that we will be giving them a rare birds-eye view of us!” VTr5DU%2DdŒBdB4p+ +7W7FFR2&֗6rW6FVVB@7FvG27FBBFRdB6r#FVvFRFVRbFR7FB27FVFW w&2FR7W7FFRFVv&R6vp7FW'2W7BrV7B2F&VFV 'W6W76W2f'v&BvFV֖VFRdB6rv&RFR6Rb7&VFfRBvǒFW&7FfR6v'FRvV6W7FW'6&R&6VBV֖VЦf'&6F"f6F'2vF66fW"&R&W@7W7FF^( 2( $TV֖V( fFBrB6RFRGf6RFV֖V2( V726N( 2( v&WFF27W7FF^( 26W2@&WFrF&V7F"G3( V֖V2FPC"#pFW&b66Rf"֖Ɩ2bVvW'0rBvRvBF7&VFRgV'W&WBBBFRdB6rW"7FBv&PFV֖rvFf6F'2vvBFfBW@&R&WB$TV֖VBrBFW0FRvRW&f&6RWBb&FrVFr6VƖrB&FW&rV֖V( Ğ( B&RvfRvFV6@F27FvR'WB( fW'W6FVB&WBFP7F"GG&7FW"6WFFB6WfW&ǐ6GW&W2FRW76V6RbW"&R6p6vB27W&RF&VV6RFR( W 6N( WfW'R( Чwwr&VV֖V6V