Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 41

PROUD TO SPONSOR CLEARVIEW’S FIT SHOW PREVIEW FIT SHOW 2017 STAND C58 NEW BALUSTRADE HARDWARE AT FIT 2017 » » Following on from the highly successful launch of the BarrierSabco frameless glass balustrade system last year, Barrier Components Ltd is due to launch a raft of new balustrade hardware at the FIT Show in May. Barrier Components, who are celebrating 30 years in business this year, will be exhibiting a selection of components including Standard Spigots in 316 stainless steel, Tilt-Loc Spigots (2205 Stainless steel), Pre-Assembled Posts, Mega Grip 3kN balustrade, Glass Rail Capping, Juliet Balcony Kits and 316 stainless swimming pool hinges and locks. The company has exhibited at every FIT show so far since 2013 and this year, alongside these new components, it will feature a range of Frameless Glass Seals, New Juliet Balcony Kits from Barrier Components Ltd Vistafold 120 and Patioslide 100 & 200 folding and sliding door kits along with three new straight sliding door hardware sets for framed and frameless glass doors on the stand. Barrier Components Ltd is a leading architectural hardware supplier based in Purfleet in Essex. It constantly strives to source new and innovative quality products from around the world to provide a one-stop-shop and respected technical support to their customers. Visit their stand at FIT this year number G48. DRIVING FORWARD SECURITY INNOVATION WITH FIT SHOW LAUNCH » » Testing on a revolutionary component, designed by GT Window Products, to simply and effectively enhance the security of PVCu doors is on schedule to launch at the FIT Show in May. Building on the company’s two decades of experience in ground breaking component design, the new product was tested with a door from a national manufacturer and a leading local installer. %ЁɽٕɕЁՍ̄)ѡȁѕѥݥ܁хݥѠ)ѡȁɥѽ́х́Ѽɔѡ)Ё͕ݥѠ́AY )́́ͥ+q]ɔɕ䁕፥ѕЁѡ́)ɽՍгt́Q!Ʌ)5ȁЁP]܁AɽՍ̸q]eٔ)ݽɭɐѡ͍́Ѽ)əЁѡͥѕɥ́Ѽɔ)əɵ́ЁѡЁ̸ٕͥM)Ȱͼ+q]eɔɥЁɅѼչЁѡ)啅ˊé%PM܁ѕѥ́ɽ٥Ё)ݽɭəѱ今t)ͼЁѡ%PMܰѡPѕݥ)͡ݍͥѡéɽՍ)ٕЁ܁Ёͥ)͕٥)Uͥ ̵ͥɥѥ)ѕ䰁ṔѼͥ)ͅЁ́Ʌѡȁѡ)ݕ̸Aɕ٥ͱ䰁ѽٕ݅́)́ѡЁͥٽٕݡ)ձɽՍЁٕЁձ)͕ٕɅѡ̸%Ё͕Ѽхѡɕݕ)ѼٕѡѽѼɽՍͅ)եєѕٔɕЁٕͥͅ)ݕɔɔ݅́ɥи)9܁Ёх́ѱ̀ȁݕ́Ѽ)ɽѥѼ͡ɽՍи)Q䁅胊q]eٔ݅́ѡ)ݱѥ͔Ѽɽٔ)ѥɽՍٕ́܁)Ёѕ䁥́ɕ䁡́)ѡɽ̸%Ё́ݔɔ)ɕͥٔѼեɥ́)͡ɽՍ́ѕȁ)܁͡Ёݕ̻t)Q%PM܀̴ԁ5!؁Mх)ܹݥɽՍ̹լ)AHȀĀ܀Ѐ