Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 25

INDUSTRYNEWS Home Improvement Sales Threat from Government Bill By Nick Rines, Call For Action On The TPS » » SALES OF HOME IMPROVEMENT packages are under major threat. One of the industry’s most effective marketing channels, telemarketing, is likely to be banned by a new Government Bill. The act, nearing its final phase before Royal Assent, is the Digital Economy Bill, which contains a section that instructs the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to produce new direct marketing guidelines, including reviewing rules on telemarketing. The threat to home improvement sales comes from the pressure the ICO is under from politicians and the popular media demanding regulation to stamp out ‘nuisance’ calls. Rogue telemarketing is the number one subject for MP’s postbags, and during debates on the Bill they have accused companies that use telemarketing of being, ‘the lowest of the low’, ‘shysters’, and ‘rogues’ who are prepared to break the law. It is to this backdrop that the ICO will be asked to complete its review. The widely held assumption among data compliance authorities within telemarketing is that new guidelines for outbound calling will be based on rules similar to the forthcoming email marketing code in which companies will not be allowed to contact sales prospects unless they have specific written authority to do so. The current Telephone Preference Service (TPS) rules may be restrictive, but what replaces it could kill off telemarketing. TPS has not worked effectively for a decade, if it ever worked at all. Currently it is a rogues’ charter in which members of the public receive nuisance calls whether they are signed up to it or not. Ethical companies find themselves increasingly m ɝ镐́ѡ͔ѡЁɔ)ѡɕЁձ́ٽѕѥɔ͕)ٕ͕́ͥU,ɥ͑ѥȁѡ䁅ɔ)՝Ёͥ䁝ѼեѥхЁ)չȁ܁%Ё́ݥͥՅѥ)役Ёѡ݉ɕ̸)%ɽ䁥Ё́ѡ݉ɕ́ѡЁݽձ)ЁЁɽ܁Ʌɕձѥ)͔ЁݽձɽЁѡ䁍)́ɽхѥյ̰)ٔѡɭЁݥѼɽՔ)ݡɔձ́ݽձٔѡѼ)ѡ̸͕ٕQ͔ɕɕѼɥͬѥ)՝Ёѡͥ́ѡЁѡݥٕȁ䁄)ѡ́ѡЁɅєɽٕ͕)ݥѠչ䰁ݽձٕɕɕ%ѡ)ѥ܁́ݽձ͔)՝չ̸́ͅ)!ݕٕȰѡɔ́ͽѡѡЁ)Ѽɕєѕɹѥ͍ٔɥ )ȁѥ=QQAL =QQAĹ)ɵ%́ͽ͔́ѼݥѠ)٥ѕɹѥٔѼѡɕЁQALѼЁѼ)ѥ́ѡ% <́ѡ܁ɕձѥ)ȁѕɭѥ䁍䁽)ɝͅѥٽٕѕɭѥ)ɥє̸)Qɥ䁍ͥɅѥȁѡɽ)́Ѽɕє܁ɕձѥѡЁѱ䁝ٕ)ՅєɽѕѥѼ́ѡՉ)ɽɽՔ̸Q͕́Ѽх͠)ͥՅѥݡѡ䁍)́ٔɕͽչѥ́Ѽ)յ́ݥѠɕمЁ̸)Qɽݡ́Ёɵ)͕́́ѡՍ͙հ)չѥ́ݡ͍ѥЁɽ́ѡ)ݽɱɕ͕ɍ́ѼٕЁ)ٕɽ̸䁥ѕɕѕ䁍) ȁѥ=QQAL)́ݕ́ͥ܁ѕɭѥ)ɕձѥ =QQALݥͼхѼѡ)%