Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 20

INDUSTRYNEWS AND THE WINNER IS… » » 2017 IS ALREADY IN FULL swing and with cold winter days and dark mornings greeting us, many of us are counting down the days till the summer kicks in. Lister Trade Frames of Stoke on Trent have made sure however, that the winter months still bring plenty of cheer to their customers by announcing the latest winner of their annual prize draw. This year’s lucky recipient was Mark Ballard of Beau Windows who scooped a new purpose ‘not only a great great installation, but a superb product’ built website whilst his lucky customer won a fantastic 55” Smart TV. “I have bought from Listers for many years” commented Mark, “I find that the brand supports me in my quest to deliver not only a great installation, but a superb product.” Mark Ballard (r) of Beau windows, presenting his customer with a 55” smart TV courtesy of Listers and Elitis. Daniel Shaw, Marketing Manager for Listers, had this to say, “Mark typifies what being an Elitis installer is all about. He’s a consummate professional, diligent with his installations and has fully embraced everything that Listers can offer via the Elitis brand. We’re delighted that he and his customer have been randomly selected as this year’s tag winner.” Showrooms are back in vogue » » THE LATEST FINDINGS FROM Insight Data reveal the number of double glazing showrooms have increased from 3,460 to 3,764 in the last two years, with an average of 12 new show centres opening every month across the UK - and the trend is set to continue. Insight Data’s Managing Director, Andrew Scott, commented: “In the 90s every high street had a string of double glazing showrooms, but we saw a decline from the early 2000s as margins tightened and installers cut costs. The financial crisis of 2008 coupled with consumers moving from high-street to online accelerated the decline, but this trend is now reversing.” A shift in consumer behaviour and an evolving market are key factors. While high- street visitor numbers have dwindled, new destinations that combine shopping, leisure and entertainment are booming. Another major factor is product development. If installers are all selling the same white plastic window there is very little difference. But the industry has seen an upsurge in product innovation with aluminium back in vogue, timber gaining more popularity and a raft of new window and door products on the market. TEAMING UP TO HIT NEW HEIGHTS » » PVCU SYSTEMS HOUSE Liniar and drainage giant Brett Martin have today announced a partnership arrangement that will see each company supplying the other’s range to G2v7W7FW &6RFRBfVGW&R'&w0FvWFW"Gv6W2vF6֖"62Ɩ.( 0'W6W72FWfVVBF&V7F F&6RW3( v^( &PFVƖvFVBF&Rv&rvF'&WG@'Fvv&R7WǖpƖ"vFvVƗG&vFW 77FV2F'Vw6FRW"v'VFr&GV7B&vW2F0V2Ɩ"f'&6F" G&FR6VFW"7F6rf6626ffG2BfG&2v6&P&RF7Wǒ'&WGB'FwWGFW BFvR77FV22'B`FV"&vR( vR66R'&WGB'F2খFWVFVB&vFW"77FVЦW6RvFfF7F2VFw&VPvFFRV&rBG&vPGW7G'( 2fW'6֖"FƖ.( 0v&WWFFFRfVW7G&F&WG6RG2Vf7GW&p# +"#r +4T%dRrT2Цf6ƗGB&'F7G&'WF6VG&R26FW&'6&R&6VBv6V2FVWW"6&&fG&Br( Ф6&2Fw6'&WGB'F( 06W2F&V7F"6VG3( F0'FW'62WG&VVǐW6FrFWfVVBf"&F6W2'&WGB'F( 2&vFW 77FV2BƖ"f662@6ffG2W&fV7Fǒ6VVBV6FW"B&fFRV6'W6W70vFVƗG&vFW"@&fƖRffW&rf"W"&W7V7FfP&WG2( ХF&6RVgBƖ"@6&2Fw6&vB'&WG@'F6RFRFVwwrƖ"6V7WƖW2wwr'&WGF'F6