Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 113

BUSINESSNEWS Homeglaze Home Improvements Ltd Best in the business recognised On 23rd March, Which? Trusted Traders announced the shortlist for the Trader of the Year 2017. » » THE TRUSTED TRADER OF THE Year award recognises the very best businesses endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders. The four that have made the shortlist have worked hard to put customers at the heart of their businesses and have delivered consistently high standards of customer service, two of which are from the window industry. ‘consistently high standards’ Each business was assessed on its performance over the past year, with commitment to excellence, reviews and community insight all taken into account. Shortlisted Which? Trusted traders: • Finesse Windows Ltd - Finesse Windows received excellent feedback for quality and customer service. • Homeglaze Home Improvements Ltd - Homeglaze Home Improvements was named Which? Trusted Trader of month in April 2016with a high volume of consistently great feedback. Customers have remarked on their friendly and hardworking attitude. • Justin Bucknell Electrical Ltd - Justin Bucknell Electrical was Which? Trusted Trader of the month in July 2016 and has a large volume of positive reviews. Its customers have told us that they are tidy, punctual and friendly. • Proclene Ltd - Proclene was the Which? Trusted Trader of the month in November 2016 and has received some excellent consumer feedback. Customers ha HZY]^HZHYH[Z\ܚ˂ZZ\P^]ۋX[Y[\X܈قX\YY\ZY8'HY\وHYX\ M]\\X]Xۚ\[Y\[H\H\Y\\Y[[]\[ۜ\[HY[\ق\XK'H]\\\\\[Y\\YۈB[HوXܜ[Y[\Y\]Y]˜[[][]H[Y]\Z[HH\[\ˈHܝ\[[[B[\]HX]\[X^K'BX\YY\\[[ܜ[Y[[YHHXH\\[\[[ۜ[Y\ܙ[\][ۈ[BRˈ[Y\\H\\Y[XYHXY[[\ٙ\[ۘ[˜YܙHZ[[ܜY H\XH[˜[ۜ[Y\\Y[X\[[\ܝHY\ˈ[Y\\BYY]H[YHܝ\ܚ]\XKBܝ\YY\\\[YHوH\\[Y\ۈHX\YY\œ[YKHX\YY\Y\قHYX\ M[H[[Y]BX]\ۈ MX^H M˂[\H[HHHHUH H0H M0 LL