Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 110

HARDWARE& SECURITY A look at Winlock over thirty years: 1987 Established by Lowe & Fletcher Ltd. 1989 A Royal Visit. Prince Philip tours the Winlock factory and plants tree. The Winlock Security team today Celebrating 30 years of innovation UK door and window hardware manufacturer Winlock Security is celebrating 30 successful years of business. » » ESTABLISHED IN 1987 IN TELFORD, Shropshire, Winlock Security Ltd is the only remaining volume manufacturer of window handles in the UK. Since trading began in 1987, Winlock has made and sold more than 25million window handles. This is over 5,500 tonnes of metal, and equates to twice the weight of the steel in Blackpool Tower. Laid end to end the handles would cover the distance across the Atlantic from England to the USA! The company’s longest serving employee Diane Roberts; who has been at the Telford factory for 43 years, back when it made camlocks and locking cylinders for cabinet locks, lockers and garage doors, joined in the celebrations; “I’m so proud to work with such a fantastic group of people; hardworking, driven, creative and great fun. I hope we’ll all be here for the next 30 years!” The Telford-based business prides itself on being dynamic, forward-thinking and solution-focused and its desire for innovation has intensified rather than diminished over its three decades in business. Whilst the scope of the known hardware world is arguably already covered by them, their drive to innovate is inherent as demonstrated by the news that Winlock will be unveiling over 10 brand new SKUS in 2017 alone, the first being the Trimas 3-star cylinder. “It’s an exciting time for Winlock,” said Winlock Security Ltd Managing Director, 110 » APR 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Alan Parker. “We have, and will continue to heavily invest in developing unique products a [][Y\X\X[][˜[\\Y\ۛH\\ ][ܙB[\ܝ[HZXYو\\]][ۋ'H\H\\Y[X[\XBX\]\Y\\]]ܜ\H[XB܈[[[YY] YH\Y\\B؛[KH[ݚYHH][ۋݙ\\ YX\وY[H]HܛYYۙ[[ۜ]X[H^H\\B\Y\[\\\[YH[\\X[ [XK[X[K'B[\Yۜ][X\[\Y\XܛH[]]و܈[[š\\HH[\[[\˜[[\[][[\[\Z\[X\]H]X\[XX[\\š[ݚY[[ݘ]]H܈[[š\\H[Y[[X\[[Z[][KH[\]H\X][ۜR[]\X[XX]ܜˈ][H[Y\B[\K[XY[ۙ[KXX]\\H][Y^[[XY܈X[Y8'[H]8'H[[ۋ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈ[&\\[܈]\HX[\\]˝[˂˝Z܈[Z\^\Y[Y[\X[Bۈ NML L[HXHZYB[HYH]\X\[™[\[[HXZ]HH][ۈ[\\]Z\[Y[ NNLX[YX\YZ\Z[[۝[[K Z[[^HHH\ۂܛ[ܝXܙ\ []\YX\وH\X[[[K H\Z\H\[XYY\\]\[[X[ [YY܈ ][܂\\H]X[K L•[X]Z\YH[[\\ ][\“Qو^][X[\ܛ\ KZXY[]Y[ Y[\وZ[JH[\BY[H ۙ\و[\\X[\\H\XJKX[X\ L8$^[Y[Z\\[X[X\] K \Y\Z\K MBH\H[[[\[X[Y\[Y]Y]H][Y L Z[\™HZ][\[[H۝Z[\[]\Y[X\]K MۙXY Y\[\T  LH[\H\X[H[K[[Y\ M8$][Y[[˜[Y][YHۘX[Y[\[[[Y\\\][[[\˂ M[[Y][و L]”\[Y[H[X\[K