Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 106

HARDWARE& SECURITY Fitting the future » » YALE DOOR AND WINDOW Solutions has partnered with Anglian Home Improvements to offer UK homeowners the new Conexis® L1 Smart Door Lock - a revolutionary keyless door entry device that gives homeowners full control over the way they unlock their door. Anglian is the first home improvements company to introduce the smart lock into its product portfolio. This is a direct response to an increase in consumer demand for connected home security products and signals the start of an industry-wide trend investing in the future of door furniture. Featuring a sleek, chrome aesthetic, the Conexis® L1 Smart Door Lock can be unlocked using a smartphone, key tag, key card or phone tag, depending on preference and can be fitted onto any of Anglian’s PVCu or composite doors with a thickness of 44- 70mm. David Pridmore, Key Account Manager for Yale Door and Window Solutions, commented: “More people are beginning to understand the real value that smart home technology can provide in their everyday lives and the Conexis® L1 will help Anglian to make smart living a reality for UK homeowners.” Bumper catalogue is biggest to date Carl F Groupco’s Marketing Assistant Rebecca Haynes (left) and Marketing Manager Clare Crockett launch the company’s new hardware catalogue. » » A NEW 248 PAGE FULL colour catalogue from hardware supplier Carl F Groupco featuring over 7,000 product lines confirms the company’s position as a leading distributor in the UK’s fenestration sector. The bumper edition is a must have industry compendium of door & window fittings, ventilation solutions and tools for aluminium, composite, PVCu and timber profile systems. The hard back catalogue, which is a major publishing achievement for the company, is designed to ‘The catalogue is representative of the scale of our range’ be a hardware “bible” p ݚY[˜HۙK\\H܈XX[ [ݘ]]H[Y]X[]B\ۙ[ˈ[[\\]H BY][ۘ[]XY\š]HY[[ܜܘ]Y[BY\[H[[Y[BYX]YX[ۈ܈X\X\BHH]X\[[X\۝[][Y[ M]\]XYH܂\\H[XۚX]][ۋ[Y[[ۈH]™\XܞK\ܛ\&\“X\][X[Y\\Bܛ]ZY8'H][YB\\\[]]HوH[Bو\[K]\\BHو\Xܝ[H\و\ۛYH[H^[[[][ۜ\B]HZ[]]\x&\[[ݘ]]HX[YX\\˸'B˘\ܛ\˘˝Z‘[]0RTSTœX[H]Y[HBX[HX[\ ܈܈]’[Y\[H[H[XHܜˈܚY[[KZ\\YX[\ۈ\Z\T̍ܜ˜]XYY][H8&XܛB\8&H[]]HYYX™H\Y\[[[\˂H\H\YYB ݚYHZ\]ܙY[TH[X[H\\B܈Z\H[[[Z[][BX[ۈ[\˂H\\وBX[KܙY[TH\\BXYH]\Y[\YT̍]KH\[[˜\YX][ۈ[X\‘Z\&\[[\\Y\][H܈]XZ[ܚ˜\^H[XH[Y]Y[H]Z\ܜYY]B\]Z\[Y[و[KYX[YY[وZ\ZY 8'BX\[ۈ] L HX[B\[X\HۙH܈\\]L 0T M0PTHHHR B[\\\›\X]HY]X[]H][[YX\\[˂'HX]H[œ\HX[HT̍[[H\ݙYX˜Xܛܜ[[][›YX[]H\H[H][ۈœ][H܈\\[ܙH\Y[\š؜[]\YܙK[Y[›]XZ[۝Xˈ]BY[[[XXH[[[\]\HH[K'B˙Z\[˘