Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 104

HARDWARE& SECURITY Hardware for folding doors » » FERGUS PICKARD, PRODUCT Development Director at P C Henderson, discusses how folding doors can help meet growing consumer demand for additional space and natural light, while providing a robust and flexible solution that will last for years. As of December 2016, the average house price in the UK was £219,544, representing a 7.2% increase on the previous year. As rising prices show no signs of abating, homeowners are finding it’s cheaper to improve their home rather than move, as they seek more space to accommodate changing family dynamics. One of the most effective ways households are achieving this is by extending their properties or adding new structures. In fact, data from Sainsbury’s Home Insurance shows that extensions to the rear and side of the home are the most popular enhancement, followed by conservatories, loft extensions, garage conversions and the construction of outbuildings. Folding doors can help homeowners create flexible living spaces that add value, improve design and increase the floor area in a home. However, the products used must be adaptable in order to satisfy specific user preferences. For example, to create private areas for children to play in or open areas for entertaining and socialising. The hardware used must also be low maintenance, easy to install and appropriate for both new build and refurbishment projects. It’s important that installers involved in the design and fitting of folding doors work with experienced manufacturers that understand what households want and need from their spaces, and are able to provide the product options necessary to fulfil these demands. Extensions, conservatories, orangeries etc. were once only used in the warmer months but today’s consumers seek to use their extended living areas all year round. This demand has led to the development of exterior folding door hardware products that bring a variety of advantages to a home including increased natural light, an indoor/ 104 » APR 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M outdoor living space in the warmer months and extreme weather resistance in the colder months. This is backed by research from Direct Line who found that installing large bi-folding doors in place of brick walls to add more light to a property was a popular household modification. P C Henderson’s Securefold range is the definitive choice when specifying hardware for exterior folding doors. Available to suit a variety of weight capabilities, finishes and locking options, it is a high performing system that meets all the practical and aesthetic preferences of the homeowner, including security and natural light transmittance. On the other hand, many outbuildings, conservatories and orangeries lack the adequate structural support to carry the weight of folding doors. In these instances, hardware that can carry the load of the doors at the bottom of the system and eliminate the need for major structural building support is ideal. To satis H\\X[\\Y\[[\\[X[ [\۸&\X\YH[\Y[XYX[H\YۙY܈\HڙX[[[\]\܂HY\\Y]HوZ[[˂[ۜY\[H\\H܂[\[ڙX[\[\\BۜY\YH\\^HX]HHX\܂\XKX[\[ؚ[]H\[BYK^H[[ܙX]HHX[[\˜\[\[Y^X[]H[[[\Yۋ܈[[K\HH][[[[\X\\HH[YHXKB]Y\[H[[YXZ\B^[] \ݚY\H]X[ܙHXX[][[\ۛY[]Z\[X[H[[YYو\[X\˜Y]XK[\۸&\Y^\\H\[^[\HوH^XH[\[[܂\[H]XZ\H[]وHXB]Z[XH[HYKY[ۙ\]\X[[Y[]\\[B[\X\ܙX]HX[\][K]\H^[]]ٙ\]XH[[[ۘ[]KH[Y]وXH\[H\][Y ][[YXHHX][و[\\B\HH\ۛHHۙH[\H\]Z\\šX][˂]\[YH܈] [[\]\[ۜY\\Y\\YۈY\[\œY\[܈[ݙ[Y[Hٙ\[œ][ۜ[Y[[ Y[[YۙY\][ۜˈH\\\HX˜\H^[][H\YݚYHH[[XKYYH\][ۋ^H[HXYH]]X[]H\ۙ[]\[Y[XYX\X][ۜX\B\Hو܈X]\X[[ZY \[\œݚYHX]\[[X\]H\X[]Y\™܈^\[\X][ۜ