Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 102

HARDWARE& SECURITY A clash of perspective? » » ONE COULD IMAGINE that architects and door hardware pioneers would constantly be clashing – the former strives for aesthetic perfection while the latter for functionality, safety and security. However Simon Osborne, Commercial Leader of Allegion UK, believes that it need not be this way. A frustrating game of give-and- take. That is what the common architect’s mindset must be when it comes to door hardware. Of course, there are many considerations when choosing door hardware. On choice, the globalisation of the industry means there are now vast ranges available on the market. On compliance, increasing media scrutiny means we must get it right or face potential backlash, while legislations that health and safety institutions and government bodies impose are constantly changing. This all makes today’s door hardware world a complex one that architects must contend with. Balancing aesthetics, security and safety needs, standards requirements and product integration is not an easy job and one that is seldom achieved, particularly on large commercial projects. LOOKS MATTER A recent interview from our US headquarters with Marceli Botticelli, an architect with Payette, demonstrates this point perfectly. Botticelli shared some common thoughts across the architect’s world, saying that “architects like thin profiles and abstract designs, so door hardware by nature can be in conflict with that” and that while they know door hardware “serves a purpose”, they really just want it to “disappear from an opening as much as possible.” 102 » APR 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Whilst some door hardware components have gotten much better at concealing themselves, such as door closers, other components are naturally much harder to hide, and in some cases must be visible to be able to fulfil their purpose, such as panic exit devices. A point of contention for the architect and one of the first compromises. As some manufacturers have tried making panic hardware with a more minimalist look, the trade- off made is that they become less durable and functionality worsens – highlighting the difficult balancing act manufacturers and architects face in achieving each other’s’ dreams. SAFETY, SECURITY AND STANDARDS The next compromise an architect is c [[ۛHXY]\[^H]\ZH[˜X[H][وX\]H[[[YY˂[HX\HHXZ[\[Y]\܈\Y\ܙX]HB[[\[܈ۙK[[B\Hو[\[܈XH8$ܘYK\ܛH܈YH[]]B\X\X\X܈]H[\¸$[X]\H\\H\Y YY][[\[YY˜HXܙY[\H[[™\K\]Y\]YY]BX\X[]H\]Z\[Y[[و\HۜY\][ۜ\XB[Y[HH\Hو\\B][H\YۈH܋\H\[ \]X]Bٝ[Y\Z\HH›وZ\\\YZ[[[[H[][X[H[\][YوY\[ܜ[\ۙ[]۸&]X]]XX\H[\[YXXY\ۙH]\[B[[\K][Yܘ][ۂXHYHHZ^ق\\H[XH[][X]B]XX\\[]\\˜HYX\H܈X[]Y\X[Y\˜[Hۙ[XZ[[[BY[\[܈[H]ٚ][]X^HH\]Z\Y[]\KHPԐUUBTPH^H]Y][\˜[[[X\H][BۛYXXHX[YX\\ۂ[\YH[\[][\\[ۜ\K]\\BYYY[[H[[܂[\Z[[[[[›ˈ\^KX[Y[][ۜ˜[[[HZ[[][ۜ˜[HXY \Yš\^\Y\[ۜZY^BYHڙX ]\[^\YX[Y[\]X[[HXܚ]\X\B[H\X\[[X]X\HZ[ۙK\š\[X\]H[܈\YۂX\[ۜ\HZ[XYK[BXX^HHXYYY]\[ X[YX\\[[ݚYHZY[Hۈ]\܂Y][[HX[\Y ܈][ۜ\H]Z[XH˜X\\[ؚX]K\H\HH\Y\و[X[ۜ˜[\]XXZ\YܙH܂\\HX[\XBYXH\\H][B\Y \H[X[ۜ[YB܈X]\X[ ٚ[KXۙ\[H[Y[[ۜ[[YBX]\X[ XX\[ۜ[]HBZ[YX [Hۙ\BX[YX\\[][Y H[ܙHZ[H]\][\]X8&\^X\[ۈ[BXY]Y Xܘ][ۈ[\›و[X[YK]Y\[ۚ[˜[][][ˈ\[B\]X]Z\\[ۜ™܈[[[\[K\›X[YX\\[YH]\[Y[\X[Y[BX][X\\][