Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 101

HARDWARE& SECURITY Fitting the perfect window handle As the UK’s leading manufacturer of handles, Clearview invited hardware specialist Winlock Security Limited to create a step-by-step Installation guide for fitting the perfect window handle: STEP 1 STEP 1: REMOVE THE OLD HANDLE • Turn existing handle to open position in order to reveal rear screw position. • Holding the handle and keeping the window closed, remove the rear -screw. • Turn the handle to close the window and keeping the window secure remove the front screw (you may need to remove a screw cover first if fitted). • The handle can now be taken off the window and the window is held closed. STEP 2: FITTING THE NEW HANDLE STEP 2 • Select the correct Spindle: EasyFit handles are supplied with 5 different spindle options (10mm,15mm,20mm,30mm and 43mm), one of which should be appropriate for your window. Fit the spindle that, when inserted into the back of the handle, projects out as far as the spindle in your old handle. If in doubt, use the longest spindle possible. In the unlikely event that none of the spindles match your old handle call the EasyFit technical service on 0333 321 0225 and if a special spindle length is required, they will supply it on a next day delivery anywhere in the UK. • With the correct spindle inserted in your EasyFit handle, fit the handle in its closed position (as supplied). The new handle should be fitted with the handle projecting to the same side as the old handle, otherwise the handle will not operate the locking mechanism. The button on your Easy Fit handle must be depressed in order to open; this is an important child safety feature. • Fix the front screw. In most cases the screws from the old handle can be re- used. If for any reason the old screws cannot be reused, then cut down the M5 machine screws provided with the new handles, so that the screws when fitted, project the same distance out of the back of the handle as the spindle. • Turn the handle to the open position to reveal the rear screw fixing position, and fix the rear screw. • Close the window and finally put in place the cover provided for the front screw. Winlock Security Limited design, develop, produce and supply innovative door and window hardware from handles, locks, cylinders and hinges, to vents, patio locking systems, strikers and security devices. Its range of handles, hinges and accessories are easy to fit, use and maintain and are designed to enhance any home. C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » A P R 2017 » 101