Clearview National April 2017 - Issue 185 - Page 100

OUTDOORLIVING Contemporary aluminium roof light » » OVER 17 YEARS, Leicester-based ROOF Maker has quickly risen from locally- focused startup to a large and innovative supplier of high-grade rooflights and other natural light products. Now, bolstered by significant investment from private equity finance, the fast-growing firm is looking to advance on all fronts – including by expanding their product portfolio with the introduction of LuxLite, a best-in- class pitched roof light solution. LuxLite is a sleek, stylishly contemporary aluminium roof light. Equally suited to tiled and slate roofing, the innovative frameless window has been specifically designed to maximise views and the intake of natural light, while offering outstanding performance across the board. LuxLite offers superb energy efficiency, capable of achieving U-values as low as 0.6W/m2k (a triple-glazed window usually achieves 0.7), and is built to last – not only incorporating toughened glass, but coming with a 20-year seal warranty. The glazed unit, spacer bar and fixings are all also concealed and protected from UV light within a neat black resin border. “LuxLite epitomises the approach we’ve had to product design since the very beginning,” said Chief Design Officer and company founder Scott Nicholas. “It excels on all fronts – from style, to robustness, to energy efficiency. We’re delighted and proud to be able to say that, in LuxLite, we’ve produced yet another best-in-class offering, perfectly positioned to help installers capitalise on the massive opportunities that exist at the higher end of the market.” LuxLite joins a host of other industry-leading products in Roof Maker’s extensive range. The company’s fixed flat roof lights are respected throughout the industry for their minimalist elegance and fantastic all-round performance. Triple-glazed, Argon- filled glass units offer outstanding thermal efficiency, while the low-E insulation glass itself can be delivered in subtle blue or bronze glare-reducing tints as well as clear. Roof Maker also offer chain- actuated, electric hinged opening flat roof lights, and pyramid- shaped roof lights featuring ultra-thin glazing connectors that maximise the intake of natural light. Founded in 2001 by Scott Nicholas and Rachel Owen, Roof Maker has firmly established itself as a leading supplier of premium roof light products. Last year, the firm was acquired for £30m by private equity group Next Wave Partners LLP, and is planning to significantly expand its operations in the months and years ahead. Lux Lite Hinged Rooflight 100 » APR 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M Top Prize in the USA » » MIGHTON PRODUCTS’ Angel Ventlock® has won a top Readers’ Choice Award in the United