Clearview Midlands November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 84

installersupport Teaming up with industry sales expert The Consumer Protection Association is joining forces with Paul Clifton, who runs Window Sales Lab, a sales training and profit mentoring consultancy, to further help its members add value to their sales presentations and win business ahead of their competitors. Paul is author of a book called ‘What Master Salesmen Know that Average Salesmen Don’t’ and recently judged the 2013 FIT show Sales Professional of the Year Competition. He is recognised as one of the industry’s leading sales gurus and CPA Director Jeremy Brett is delighted that they will be working with him on this guide. Jeremy comments: “Sales is sometimes seen as a dirty word but without people going out and selling products and services, the economy wouldn’t function. “Undoubtedly the recession has changed approaches to selling; and installers have had to refine their techniques, become more innovative and use a wider range of marketing tools. “We already offer a number of valuable services to help our members add value to their sales presentations, such as quarterly assessment reports, marketing material and training and support. Teaming up with Paul is an extension of our commitment to our members and the general public.” For more information call The Consumer Protection Association on: 01462 850062 JUST £1.15* PER WEEK TO SATISFY GOVERNMENT MTC REQUIREMENTS For those installers, surveyors and installers/surveyors taking the industry experience route with the FENSA MTC Card, the cost for completing the online Knowledge Test and the Onsite Assessment is £299 (ex VAT) – or just £1.15 per week. This includes the cost of the card, which is £30 (ex VAT). For those complying by taking or holding relevant existing qualifications, the card is an additional cost. This currently represents the most cost-effective route for satisfying the new glazing sector Minimum Technical Competencies (MTCs) that have been introduced by government, and are effective from June 2014. Alternatively, for those operatives that want to go down the qualifications route, costs will vary depending on the qualification taken and whether government part-funding is available. The GQA Centre, to which each applicant will be allocated on joining the FENSA MTC Card scheme, will be able to advise on this. The FENSA MTC Card is operated by GGF Training Ltd. “We strongly believe that the FENSA MTC Card represents exceptional value for money and that the launch by the government of MTCs for the replacement glazing sector will further drive up quality and professionalism in our industry,” adds Mayne. Any queries about the FENSA MTC Card, email enquiries@ or telephone 020 7645 3700. Social Networking The latest Conservatory Outlet Network event took place at the luxury Carden Park Country Resort in Chester where the dealer network congregated on Friday 13th September for a weekend that saw business successfully mixed with pleasure. Joining Conservatory Outlet directors Greg ?[?H[?ZX?Y[?\???X?H?\?H?\? ??[?H???HH ????\[?H????[??[\???]?????[??]?Y[??Z[???[?Y[???]\?Y [???YY???[???[??H\??Z]?X?]?]Y\??[H?\?????H?XZ?HH[????H^\?H?\?]H?K??Y?\?H^HYY][???]?X?]XZ[?[??\?[???]?[??\?]??\????\??]?B?? ???? ? L???]]8?&\??Y\??][?YH??X[[??\????]\?^H M?\[X?\?\?[???X??Y??[?HZY?]\??? YY][H[??\?H[????H?]????X?[??YB??H????\?H[[Z[?[?Y][???Y??HB?\?[??????Y][?[?[?H???\?Y?\???\???][??YH??\?Y?K??XX????\??]?H?]]X[\??\?[?Y??][?[??]?Y?????H\]YH??X???\?HH???H?X??X?]?Z[??[\??\??\??\ ?8?'?H?[]H[YH?\??Y???[???\??\??Y\????Z\???[?YY??\? 8?'H?ZY?Y??[?K?8?'H]?[?[??Y?\??[???X?HH?[X?\???\?HY???[B?Y][???H?]????'B?????\??]?H?]][?]Z\?Y\??[ NL? ??N L???\?]????\??]?[?]]X[\????Z????XY[?K?\?]????X\??Y]?]Z???B??