Clearview Midlands November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 8

industrynews One of Burnley’s ‘biggest’ raises more than £4000 for some of Burnley’s tiniest The VEKA UK Group, one of Burnley’s biggest local employers, has raised £4230 for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Burnley General Hospital. This amount was raised by the staff of the industry-leading PVC-U profile manufacturer over a six-month period in a variety of ways. Much of the money was raised through cake sales, sponsorship for the VEKA Team at the Manchester and Burnley 10k races plus a collection at the Network VEKA AGM. Gabriela Hammond, Head of Human Resources at VEKA plc explains: “We’re very proud to have raised this amount of money for such a valuable cause. The Neonatal Unit is a state-of-the-art facility that provides treatments and services that can make a crucial difference to babies that are born prematurely or with complications and illness. The support offered to these families is invaluable and we know all the doctors and nurses work incredibly hard.” The team from the Neonatal unit were quick to thank the staff of The VEKA UK Group: “We were so amazed by the wonderful amount of money you all raised for our First Link Fund. Gabriela Hammond and The VEKA UK Group team present a cheque for £4230 to representatives from the Neonatal Unit. The VEKA UK Group, 01282 716611,, Van users: always read the small print Van users could overpay for fuel if they ignore the small print on their invoices, according to a leading name in fuel cards. Steve Clarke, group marketing manager for The Fuelcard People, said, “Many of the firms who have switched to our fuel cards during 2013 have complained about ‘hidden’ charges levied by their previous suppliers.” He explained that another fuel card supplier had introduced transaction charges but, according to customers, had not given adequate warning or explanation. “They were charging an additional £2 on every refuelling transaction,” said Steve Clarke. “According to most customers, there had been no letter warning them about the change, with the only explanation for the new charges being buried in the small print on invoices.” Van users have been telling The Fuelcard People that their displeasure was as much about the other supplier’s attitude as the amount. “They were really unhappy that complaining meant waiting in a call centre queue for ages, before eventually speaking to an anonymous operator who could do nothing to help.” The Fuelcard People has part ??????)????????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????)??????????????????????((????5???????????????)M???????????M????) =L????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????)5???????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????? =L)????????????????????????????????????)???????????? =L????????????????)????????)Q????A??????????????? =L??????q]?)??????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????((?()9=X?????() =L?????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????M???????t)U??????? =L?????????????)?????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????I???????) =L??????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????) =L??????????????????????????9???)I???()Q??????????q =L????????????????)??????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????t)5???????????????????????????????)?????????()Q??????????????????????????????((0