Clearview Midlands November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 72

energyefficiency ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY thermal performances. Previously the highest WER possible had been an A-rating, although with the increasing number of windows that achieved this specificaiton, it had become increasingly difficult for homeowners and specifiers to distinguish different levels of performance within this band. The new A+ branding will now help Eurocell customers highlight the ‘best of the best’ in terms of energy efficiency, when using windows fabricated using the Eurologik 70 Casement The Eurocell Eurologik 70 Casement window profile system has become one of the first in the UK to be officially awarded the BFRC’s new A+ Window Energy Rating (WER). Only windows that achieve an Energy Index of 10 or greater can achieve the new ‘best of the best’ A+ band. The BFRC extended its window energy ratings bands to include an A+ to reflect the work that the industry is doing to push the boundaries of PVC-U window system, and therefore provide a clearer indication of thermal performance. Phil Parry, Eurocell Accreditations Manager, says, “Gaining an A+ rating is a great way for our fabricators and installers to differentiate their highest energy rated products from the other standard A-rated windows in the market.” Call 0800 988 3049, email: or visit HOMEOWNER ENERGY RATING CERTIFICATE BFRC has responded to requests from its registered businesses to launch a homeowner’s window energy rating certificate. The certificate will be specific to the property and the products installed and will feature the installers name and date of installation as well as the wellknown ‘rainbow’ colour label. It is the only such certificate available in the UK glazing sector. If an installer uses BFRC energy ratings as the route to compliance for ADL (rather than U-values) then this Homeowner Certificate can be issued for the client. At the point of notification on the FENSA website installers will now be asked if they would like this BFRC Homeowner Certificate issued and dispatched with the FENSA certificate. This new certificate will give homeowners proof of the level of energy efficiency their new windows have achieved as verified by the premier, independent authority on window energy ratings, BFRC. It can be ???????)?????????????????????)??????????A????????) ???????????????????????)???????????????????????)?????????????????????????)Q?????? I ?!???????)?????I????? ????????????)??????????????????? ????????)YP??)????????????????????????)????????1?? ?????? I ?????(?????????????????????????)??????()I8?0?]%10?%0?U91ML)=YI959P?Q-L? Q%=8)Q?????????????????????????)?????????????????????)???????????????????????)??????????????????????)???????????????????????)???5???? ???????5??)??????????????????????)???????5??????????????) ????????????????????????)????????????YP?????????+?q????????t????q???????????????t)???????????????????)?????????????????????????((??()9=X?????()???????????????????????????)???5???????????????????)?????????????????????????)????????????????????????)????????????????????????)?????????????????????) ???? ???? ?????????)?????????????????5????) ???????5???????qQ????????)?????????????????)????????????????????)?????????????????????)???????????????????????((??????????A????????a????d?)??????????????????????)??????????????????????)????????????????????????)?????????????????????e?)?????????????????????????)????????????????????????)???YP??????????????????)?????????????????????????)???????????????????????)???????????????????)??????????????????????????)???????????t()Q??????????????????????????????((0