Clearview Midlands November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 62

glass&sealedunits New names and ranges Guardian SunGuard is well established, representing Guardian’s range of solar control products. As technology and legislation have changed, so have the products and the branding associated to the family of SunGuard glass. To rationalise the SunGuard range and create distinction between the different levels of performance, Guardian has changed the branding for some of the SunGuard ranges. The well established SunGuard High Selective range has for some time been accommodating the more advanced SNX products; these have now been given their own range – SunGuard eXtra Selective, where all new triple silver coatings will reside. The High Selective products have now been renamed becoming the SunGuard Super Neutral range. The SunGuard Solar and the SunGuard High Performance ranges will remain the same, although the SunGuard Solar range has been accommodating the new SunGuard Solar HD products. SunGuard Solar HD offers an advanced level of durability and can in some cases be used monolithically, depending on the application. These SunGuard Solar HD products will now come under the SunGuard High Durable range. There is also a new section dedicated to SunGuard speciality products. These will be branded SunGuard Advanced Solutions. For more information on the new SunGuard ranges and products, visit www. Customer Focus: Growing In New-Build And Retrofit They have more than one reason to celebrate at Regency Glass this year. The Lancashire-based processor has not only notched up 30 years in business but is also on course for its third successive year of record sales, and the factory is so busy it is having to share out work to its sister company, Glasscraft in Leeds. Demand is growing in all areas but especially new-build, which now accounts for about 20% of Regency’s work. There is also an increasing trend in the sector towards triple glazing for new developments, and both newbuild and retrofit customers are going for ever better U-Values. Sales & Marketing Manager, Steve Massey, says, “There’s been a massive upsurge in new-build, mainly due to easier mortgages, and we are finding that triple glazed is being specified here now more and more. Also, virtually all our retrofit business is argonfilled nowadays though we are seeing some increased demand for krypton.” +?q]????????????????)A????????=???????????????)?????T?Y????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????t)???????????????????()1?????????????????)????????????????????)9M???????????????????????)???I?!???5@?????1?????1??????)5??????????????????????? ?????!???)???????)??????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????)A?????????,???????L??5?5???????????)??????????????????????1?????e??????)?????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????e?????????)??????????? ??????5??? ?????5???????)??????A?????????U?????-??????((??()9=X?????()1?????????????????????????????????????)??5?5??????????????????????????????)???????e?????????????????????????)????????)5? ??????????q]??????????????5?)5???????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????U,???????????)????????????????????+?q]??????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????)???????????????????=???????????????)A??????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????()????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????)??????]?????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????)?????????????????????t()Q??????????????????????????????((0