Clearview Midlands November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 30

eventnews BIGGEST BRANDS ABUNDANT AGAIN Far from being a ‘Godfather Part III’ or ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’, the next instalment of the Fabricator Installer Trade (FIT) Show is already shaping up to be a sequel that lives up to the excellence of its predecessor, with more than 70% of exhibition space already under contract 9 months ahead of the event which takes place in June 2014. Demand for exhibition space in 2014 ensued before this year’s event had concluded and has continued ever since with a host of returning exhibitors and new faces racing to secure their spot within The International Centre, Telford, for the event due to be held from 10-12 June. The promotional campaign of FIT 2014 is well underway, designed to create the sort of buzz that characterised the launch event. Christened ‘The Next Installation’, a movieesque inspired micro-site for the event is now live featuring representatives from many of the companies set to be involved. Any companies interested in booking a stand should contact sales director Jason Wootton on 07854 131050 or have a look at the remaining options by going to the web site, which has full details of locations and pricing at LATEST HIGH-TECH LEAD CAPTURE TOOLS PROVIDED Data Capture Technology Assures a Successful ROI. Companies may have a range of objectives when exhibiting but at the heart of it will be lead generation. With this in mind the organisers of next year’s FIT Show are offering the latest visitor lead capture and analysis technology to all exhibitors as an inclusive part of their stand package, to ensure they enjoy the greatest benefit from the event. Whereas every exhibitor was offered a badge scanner at the last event, exhibitors at The FIT Show 2014 will download an app to their mobile devices. The system enables exhibitors to scan a code on visitor badges with their mobile device to secure contact details and other information, specific to them, all of which will be stored securely in their online portal. This effectively automates lead generation at The FIT Show, no need to write down details or transcribe information from business cards, but more importantly, each exhibitor may customise the system to capture exactly the information they require, thus dealing with a key limitation of earlier badge scanning systems. They can even type specific notes relevant to individual leads. A video offers further information on the technology: 2014 INTERNATIONAL SAFETY AWARDS The British Safety Council has formally launched its 2014 International Safety Awards, which are designed to recognise an organisation’s commitment to good health and safety management during the 2013 calendar year. 2014 will mark the 56th year of the International Safety Awards, which have made a significant contribution over that time to promoting and celebrating the benefits that well-managed and proportionate workplace health and safety bring. The awards are open to organisations of all sizes and sectors, both members of the British Safety Council and non-members in the UK 30 NOV 2013 and overseas. Applications are welcome both from past winners and first time entrants; there is nothing to stop a first time entrant being successful if they can demonstrate clearly their commitment to good health and safety management in the application process. ‘The online system is easy to use’ Applications are completed online, and applicants answer a series of questions about their organisation’s approach to health and safety. The online system is easy to use, and applicants can revisit the online questions as many times as they like before they decide to submit, which is done with a click of a button. The closing date for applications is 21st February 2014 and the results will be announced on 13th March 2014. ?H[?\??][?[?Y?]H]?\???[B?[??\?[]H?[[?\????[???\?B??[[???? ?H\?[ ? M ?[??[X??]HH?X??\???H?[??\??[??[???H][?Y?H[?[?H[?HX[[??Y?]B??X????]Z[??[??H??[?]??????]?Y?K????\?K?????XY[?K?\?]????X\??Y]?]Z???B??