Clearview Midlands July 2014 - Issue 152 - Page 66

Dow Corning and Geocel grip visitors at FIT show New technology from Dow Corning and Geocel proved to be a massive success at 2014 Fit Show with the introduction of the cleverly designed, high performing Dow Corning 776 InstantFix WB. On their stand, Dow Corning and Geocel demonstrated how the one-part silicone adhesive can b ond glass into frames, whether they are sashes, casements or fixed units and irrelevant of material type, instantly by comparing 776 InstantFix to rival silicone glazing sealants. Marie Elliott, business development manager for Dow Corning explained “Traditionally, window fabricators use silicon based glazing sealants of different characteristics, which can be messy and needs packers to hold securely whilst the glass sets. 776 InstantFix provides an instant tack directly after application” “We held demonstrations to show how two strips of the same material bonded instantly when applying a small amount of 776 InstantFix, compared to standard glazing silicone which when weighted instantly slid apart. Each time 776 InstantFix held the two strips firmly together” Marie advised. Machinery Sawing & Machining as it should be Whatever your production output or budget, we have the machine for you Visitors can learn more about the of dealing direct with the British manufacturer as well as enjoying high level service and technical back-up 776 InstantFix was designed to offer instant tack between glass and frame, in order to allow the frame unit to be moved immediately after the glass is placed in position, therefore reducing production time when manufacturing a window or door. 776 Instantfix WB offers a greater thermal performance and lowers air filtration versus standard silicones and is suitable for both manual and automated processes. It also increases the strength and rigidity of the frame thus enabling more design flexibility and permitting a significant reduction in the height and weight of the profile for lighter windows and doors. Dow Corning and Geocel offer complete on-site training on set up. Dow Corning 776 InstantFix is available in 600ml sausages and 20L pails. For further information, please visit http://www. construction/windoor/ or contact A sp than ecial ks to that a visit ll ed our s tand Scan here to visit the GGF website Thanks for visiting us at the FIT Show. 66